Monster Hunter Now’s Diablos: A Comprehensive Guide to Attacks and Defeat Strategies

Monster Hunter Now’s Diablos: A Comprehensive Guide to Attacks and Defeat Strategies

24. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In the vast and challenging world of Monster Hunter Now, the Diablos stands as a formidable adversary. If you’re looking to gain the upper hand against this desert titan, then you’re in the right place. Let’s explore the tactics and strategies essential for triumphing over the Diablos.

Introducing the Diablos

Originating from the sandy expanses of the desert, the Diablos is not only imposing in stature but fiercely territorial. Renowned for their aggressive behavior, they guard their territory zealously, attacking intruders on sight. This behavior is consistent with their description in the Wiki Monster Hunter, where they are distinguished for their ferocity alongside their kin, the Monoblos.

One can’t overlook the potential rewards of challenging this behemoth. Succeed in your quest, and you could secure pieces to craft the coveted Diablos armor set. But first, one must venture into the desert regions, marked yellow on the game map, for a chance encounter.

Decoding Diablos’ Attacks

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Being prepared requires knowledge of your enemy’s attacks. Diablos boasts a range of swift, wide-reaching attacks that necessitate agility on the player’s part.

  • Tail and Horn Sweep: This swift motion can catch players off-guard. Retreat is advised.
  • Side and Frontal Charges: Quick reflexes are needed. Dodge perpendicular to the direction of the charge.
  • Underground Assault: This subterranean surprise culminates in a ground-shattering reappearance. Steer clear of the tremors and brace for its resurface.

Take note, after every assault, Diablos will have a brief window of vulnerability. That’s the player’s cue to strike and inflict significant damage.

Strategies to Triumph Over Diablos

Elemental exploitation is key. Diablos might be a powerhouse when dishing out physical damage, but they have an Achilles heel – an aversion to ice-based attacks.

  • Ice Weapons: They’re the best pick. Equip them to exploit Diablos’ weakness.
  • High Damage Weapons: If you don’t have an ice weapon, pick ones that pack a punch.

Given the robust defense of Diablos, courtesy of its rugged hide, the use of specific weapons is suggested. The Longsword, which combines power with speed, and the Hammer, slower but mightier, can be effective tools in your arsenal.

Change your Strategy!

The battle against Diablos is a test of skill, strategy, and patience. Remember, knowledge of your adversary’s moves and vulnerabilities is half the battle won. Equip yourself adequately, anticipate the monster’s moves, and strike when the time is right. With persistence and the right strategy, the desert tyrant can be defeated.