Decline of ranked games in Warzone and MW2

Decline of ranked games in Warzone and MW2

27. September 2023 by miranda angeles

Finally, season 6 has arrived in Warzone, MW2, and DMZ. Players can now enjoy exploring all the new zones in Las Almas and enjoy the redesigned Toujane map from Call of Duty 2 called Koro Village. In addition, players have already started earning experience points to unlock new ranks in this new season’s Battle Pass.

However, many players have noticed that queueing up to play ranked games is currently impossible. So don’t worry, thinking that it’s just you who hasn’t been able to start climbing the rank.

Decline of ranked games in Warzone and MW2

After the Warzone and MW2 Season 6 update, ranked games will not be available immediately. So, all those players who wish to increase their rank and climb positions will have to wait a bit. Remember that the ranking mode is reset every season, so players’ ranks are somewhat reset. In this way, the developers promote players’ competitive spirit when raising their rank again.

According to the information revealed by Treyarch, CoD players who were in the Bronze or Crimson ranks in Season 5 will start three levels down in Season 6. While, players who were two ranks above Crimson 2 will start Season 6 at Diamond 1. On the other hand, it has been reported that players will be protected from level reduction in the first three qualifying games of the season. So, due to these readjustments, the rank qualifying seasons require a temporary downgrade.

Return of Ranked Games to Warzone and MW2

It is important to note that ranked games are unavailable at the start of season 6 because they have not yet been re-authorized. However, this is not something new. The same thing has happened in previous seasons.

For example, shortly after Season 3 went live, Treyarch reported that ranked games would take a while to arrive. According to the developers, the ranked games had suffered a delay due to a transition problem from one season to another. However, for season 6, this delay was planned.

According to the information published by Treyarch on Wednesday, September 27th, the qualifier games will not be available. Normally, the interruption of qualifying games usually only lasts a few hours. However, this time, the most anxious players will have to wait until Treyarch ensures CoD Season 6 is stable on the servers. If we look at the previous seasons, ranked games will be available shortly.

While the ranked games are not available, players can experience DMZ again. The new season has brought a lot of new features, such as the soul-capturing mechanic, the blood-seeking grenade, and the haunted house.