Deaths with Shorty at VCT Masters Tokyo could set a record

Deaths with Shorty at VCT Masters Tokyo could set a record

15. June 2023 by miranda angeles

A few days ago, the VALORANT competitive scene learned the sad news of the death of professional player Karel “Twisten” Aenbrener, a Vitality player. The pro players took the initiative to dedicate every death with Shorty to Twisten.

The tribute that the professional players make to Twisten is inspired by a noble deed that the player did at the VCT LOCK//IN. During that tournament, the young player had promised that for every kill he made with the Shorty; he would donate €25 to charity.

Thanks to Twisten’s promise, the player donated €1450 to an animal protection association after that tournament. At the VCT Masters Tokyo, players are causing many deaths with the Shorty; if things continue as usual, they can set a new record.

Shorty kills at the VCT Masters Tokyo could set a new record

The well-deserved tribute to Twisten by VALORANT’s professional players at the VCT Masters Tokyo could break a new record for Shorty kills at an international event.

During the group stage, many players killed their enemies with this weapon. There have been 24 kills with the Shorty in 25 maps played in 10 games. According to data published by NRG player Sam “s0m” Oh and Attacking Soul Esports player Wang “Monk” Haoyu top the list with four kills each. For now, s0m can improve on those numbers in the knockout phase.

Record kills with Shorty in an international VALORANT tournament

Earlier this year at the VCT LOCK//IN, 58 kills with Shorty were recorded during the 32-team single-elimination bracket. For players at VCT Masters Tokyo to break the record, they must surpass that number of kills.

As mentioned before, Twisten was the pioneer within the VALORANT player community to help a charity with kills with Shorty at the tournament held in Brazil. Also, on that occasion, the young player spoke of his terrible struggle with mental illness.

After his sudden and tragic death by suicide, the VALORANT community has been devastated. Players, coaches, team owners, and even broadcasters have pledged to continue the noble work that Twisten had already begun. Many people have pledged to donate to charity for all the deaths made with the Shorty in Twisten’s honor.

Now, players at the Tokyo VCT Masters need to get 35 kills using the Shorty. If they surpass that amount, they can beat the record set at the last international competition. It is certainly a record that players can break. Remember that there are still 14 matches and at least 30 maps to be played.