Cyber Brawl: Brawl Stars Launches New Competitive Season with Fresh Modifiers

Cyber Brawl: Brawl Stars Launches New Competitive Season with Fresh Modifiers

7. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Brawl Stars is kicking off an exciting new competitive season on Thursday, June 6. This update not only introduces the Cyber Brawl stage of the Brawl Pass but also brings significant changes to the competitive landscape. Among the updates are a new free skin for Competitive Starr Awards and the debut of new gameplay modifiers for the June season.

The Brawl Stars development team has also provided clarity on key rules regarding the exclusivity and functionality of competitive skins, which will be crucial for players this season. The biggest immediate change, however, comes in the form of new modifiers, replacing the problematic Breath of Life from previous weeks.

New Competitive Modifiers for the June 2024 Season


This fourth season sees a return to some familiar modifiers while bidding farewell to others. The controversial Breath of Life, which allowed brawlers to respawn at their defeat location instead of their base, and the Thick Bushes modifier, which caused bushes to proliferate across the map, are both being retired.

  • Quick Hands

Deals damage with a basic attack to reload ammo faster Returning after appearances in both the previous and first seasons, this modifier was only missing in the second season.

  • Classic

No gameplay changes. Matches proceed as usual, similar to trophy matches.

  • Timed Detonation

Map objects gradually self-destruct This modifier, which has been seen in earlier seasons, makes its comeback this month.

Ensuring a Dynamic Gameplay Experience

For the summer season, Brawl Stars is sticking with tried-and-true modifiers rather than introducing new ones. Quick Hands remains, and Timed Detonation returns, addressing the issues caused by Breath of Life, which, despite its flaws, made matches more thrilling.

The new modifiers are designed to keep the gameplay fresh. They also have a significant impact on brawler selection strategy. For instance, with Timed Detonation ensuring early destruction of map objects, players should prioritize ranged brawlers over throwers or tanks, despite initial map cover.

Competitive Skins and Rewards

The new season also brings a free skin for Competitive Starr Awards. This addition, along with the clarified rules about skin exclusivity, is set to enhance the competitive experience.


As Brawl Stars embarks on this new competitive season with Cyber Brawl, players can look forward to a refreshed and dynamic gameplay experience.

With the introduction of new modifiers and the return of popular ones, it’s essential to adapt your strategies and stay informed on the latest updates. Embrace the changes, utilize the tips provided, and prepare to dominate the battlefield in this exciting season. Happy brawling!

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