CS:GO: Team Vitality wins Gamers8

CS:GO: Team Vitality wins Gamers8

21. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Team Vitality has won the Gamers8, which could be the last CS: GO tournament. This team collects another award for their trophy collection.

Big win for Team Vitality

Without a doubt, Team Vitality is saying goodbye to CS:GO in style, as any team would dream of doing. Vitality takes home another trophy after defeating ENCE in the tournament that can mark the farewell of this beloved game. Let’s remember that CS:GO is currently in a prolonged farewell, waiting for the arrival of its successor CS2.

Team Vitality was very strong against ENCE, proving that the team’s decision to sign flameZ was right. In addition, ZywOo showed his full potential by taking the tournament MVP trophy.

On the other hand, Vitality’s captain, apEX, added another title to his resume and made some statements after the great match. In these statements, apEX comments:

“If we are not the best team in the world, I don’t know who can be.”

The team captain was referring to the fact that Team Vitality has made it to four of the five grand finals. But that’s not all. Of the four finals, Team Vitality has been crowned champion in three of them.

Undoubtedly, it is difficult not to agree with apEX’s opinion, considering that Vitality has defeated great teams in this tournament. Among those teams are NAVI, MIBR, G2, and finally, ENCE, to win the championship title.

Team Vitality defeats ENCE

In a final valued at $220K, Team Vitality takes home the prize money and trophy. Although Vitality had a weak start and lost the Anubis map, later in Mirage, they prevailed against their rivals. While the teams were facing each other in Mirage, an embarrassing technical problem occurred that forced both teams to leave the stage while the organizers found a solution.

Finally, Nuke was the decisive map defining the grand final winner. On this map, ZywOo had an excellent performance, which gave him another MVP title. Despite ENCE’s efforts on this last map, Team Vitality overpowered him and took the victory.

ENCE wins the crowd’s love

ENCE has become a sensation in CS:GO esports, earning the community’s love, admiration, and praise. This team has performed great in recent tournaments but failed to win against some top-level teams. Although the team had to defeat FaZe along the way, the team’s most notable victory was at the Dallas IEM, where ENCE beat MOUZ in the grand final.

ENCE players have proven that they are worthy of their position among the top five teams in the world in the HLTV world rankings.

Although the official release date for CS2 is unknown, many people in the CS:GO community believe the Gamers8 tournament is the last major CS:GO competition.