CS:GO players won’t be allowed to wear Crocs in ESL tournaments

CS:GO players won’t be allowed to wear Crocs in ESL tournaments

21. July 2023 by miranda angeles

The curious restriction imposed on footwear in esports tournaments has recently become known. CS:GO players are prohibited from wearing Crocs in ESL tournaments.

In video games, summer is one of the most crucial seasons. When esports leagues of well-known video games like Fortnite, League of Legends, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are staged, it also coincides with major industry events.

If we are talking about Valve’s shooter, we must first consider that Counter-Strike 2 is coming soon. The same can be said for events like the ESL (Electronic Sports League).

The next ESL will occur in Cologne, Germany, next month, and the organizers have already drawn up a list of guidelines to follow.

New dress code for CS:GO, players

One of the most important Counter-Strike: Global Offensive leagues, the ESL, or Electronic Sports League, will begin play in August. The tournament organizers have changed the dress code and imposed certain restrictions.

On the ESL website, you can find all the rules of their tournaments in detail. The rules include details about the rules of conduct, the structure of the games, and the approximate times of each game. But another set of rules has also gone viral in the last few hours.

The rule that has gone viral has to do with using Crocs. It’s surreal because the organizers could fine you or even ban you from participating in the ESL that takes place in August.

Players can’t wear Crocs during matches on ESL Pro Tour events anymore after rulebook update
by u/OhhhYaaa in GlobalOffensive

CS:GO players will not be allowed to wear Crocs at ESL tournaments

Crocs are one of the most comfortable pairs of sneakers out there and, in recent years, have risen to the top of the list of most popular clothing items. Undoubtedly, Crocs are very popular, hospital doctors widely use them, and celebrities wear them daily.

Crocs are a style of footwear that has already gained popularity outside the confines of the original brand. Their greatest quality is how light and comfortable they are.

However, you cannot wear Crocs in the Counter-Strike Global Offensive eSports League. This is one of the guidelines listed on their official website. The “4.3 Clothing” section clarifies that Crocs are considered open shoes and prohibited.

It appears that Crocs were worn frequently in the 2022 edition, which is acceptable. That’s a lot of playing time, and comfort is undoubtedly more important than style.

On the other hand, even though Crocs are potentially banned, those who choose to wear them will be fined $250. But that’s not all; players could also be banned from the next edition of ESL.

What do you think of this decision, and do you find it strange that Crocs are banned in this Counter-Strike league? Be that as it may, it serves as a warning for the many players traveling to Cologne to participate in this CS:GO esports event.