CS:GO: Imperial announces the entry of HEN1 and felps

CS:GO: Imperial announces the entry of HEN1 and felps

12. July 2023 by miranda angeles

Ahead of the start of IEM Cologne 2023, Imperial Esports has added two great CS:GO players João “felps” Vasconcellos and Henrique “HEN1” Teles. These two players come to the team to fill the gap left by FalleN and Chelo with their departure.

Imperial announces the arrival of HEN1 and felps

After the departure of FalleN and Chelo, who signed for FURIA, Imperial Esports has wasted no time and has turned to the market in search of great athletes from the Brazilian CS:GO scene. Without a doubt, Imperial has quickly gotten new players for their roster to be ready before IEM Cologne 2023. With the change of players and the signing of HEN1 and felps, Imperial’s Brazilian roster has seen a change of leadership.

In addition to the addition of the two players, the organization confirmed that it would keep Vini, Boltz, and Jota, as well as coach Zakk.

New players for Imperial Esports

Imperial Esports has added two players to its CS:GO roster from other South American teams. HEN1 was a member of MIBR before joining Imperial, while Felps played for Fluxo before joining Imperial.

Change of leadership at Imperial Esports

The entire CS:GO community is wondering who is the new leader of Imperial Esports after FalleN’s departure. Many team fans feel worried about the absence of the team’s leader. Recall that it was easy for Imperial Esports to choose FalleN as the captain. This player is one of the most recognized CS:GO leaders, both in-game and out-of-game. However, with FalleN’s departure, the team lacks an important part of the lineup.

However, the team is already very clear about who will be the team’s new leader. According to Rafael “zakk” Fernandes, the team’s coach, Imperial’s new leader is Vinicius “VINI” Figueiredo.

Chair shuffle in the Brazilian CS:GO scene

The arrival of the players comes shortly after both were placed in the reserve of their teams. HEN1 was placed on the bench at the end of June and was surprised by MIBR’s decision, which revealed the duo Saffee and Drop, ex-FURIA.

Felps, meanwhile, was placed on injured reserve this Sunday, July 9, along with player Woody. On the same day, the organization announced the additions of t9rnay, zevy, and PKL.

IEM Cologne 2023

Imperial Esports returns to IEM Cologne 2023, one of the most important CS:GO events. In this important tournament, all teams will fight to take home the trophy and participate in the prize pool.

According to information published by Dust2.com/br, the team plans to travel 10 days before the tournament to attend the training camp.