CS:GO fan pranks over a million people at the Blast Paris Major

CS:GO fan pranks over a million people at the Blast Paris Major

22. May 2023 by miranda angeles

During the grand final of the Blast Paris Major held yesterday, a CS:GO fan played a prank on more than a million people who were watching the live stream. The man unboxes a knife in the final.

It can be said that CS:GO skins are something that characterizes Valve’s game, with this game being one of the pioneers in weapon skins. Fans of the game love having different and very strange skins in their inventories.

In turn, fans love the thrill of opening crates during tournaments in search of extremely rare items. However, we don’t know who was the first to start this tradition; since 2019, you can see videos of players opening boxes for good skin.

CS:GO fan pranks over a million people

Now, during the final of the last CS:GO Major, the tradition of making videos opening boxes was present. A large number of people opened boxes in hopes of getting unique items.

However, there was one video in particular that went viral within minutes. In that video, you can see how a man in the grand finale opens a Chroma 3 box and gets a special knife. Something that seems too good to be true.

While the final of the Paris Major was taking place, one of the cameras focused on the laptop of a spectator, who had a box ready to open it. As we have said, it is a tradition often experienced at major events.

However, this time it was something special since the player managed to get a very special knife, so the whole audience of the Accor Arena went crazy. As it was a great moment, Blast’s Twitter account published the video.

Shortly after Blast posted the video, a CS:GO, data miner, Alex, commented that it appeared to be a fake box opening.

Alex argues that the box opening missed a feature Valve added in August last year. The missing feature was the object inspection button, so it was proven that the video was an old recording.

However, the man managed to play a joke on millions of people at home and on the spectators who were present at the grand finale.

CS:GO fan admits it was a prank

After the conclusion of the grand final, where Team Vitality was crowned champion of the latest CS:GO Major, streamer OhnePixel could talk to the fan with the fake knife.

OhnePixel asked the man if this was a real video or a joke. The man answered truthfully, saying it was all faked and a lie he had planned all along.

Although many people thought it was real, everyone found this fan’s prank funny.