CS:GO: EliGE talks about the Complexity team’s goals for next season

CS:GO: EliGE talks about the Complexity team’s goals for next season

14. July 2023 by miranda angeles

 EliGE recently discussed his goals for his new CS:GO team Complexity Gaming.

EliGE talks about his new team’s goals for the upcoming season

Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski decided to leave Team Liquid after spending eight years of his career with Tel Team. Additionally, the player decided to join the North American CS:GO club Complexity Gaming on June 23. With his arrival to his new team, the CS:GO community is eager to know his plans and goals for the upcoming season. Let’s remember that EliGE is one of the best rifles in the pro scene, so everyone expects important contributions to his new team.

On the other hand, EliGE has recently given an interview where he commented on his main goal for the next season. The player points out that his main goal is to raise expectations for Complexity Gaming.

According to the information revealed by EliGE in his interview with HLTV, the 25-year-old player’s first thing he wants to do is to work with his Complexity Gaming teammates and be able to change the team’s mentality. EliGE has a clear goal of winning championships with his new team.

During the interview, EliGE mentioned a Complexity vlog where the team stated that their only goal was to qualify for the CS:GO Major. Undoubtedly, EliGE’s expectations are much higher than just qualifying for a tournament, as it is below his level of play. That is why he has commented that his first goal is for the team to change the mentality.

EliGE wants to give confidence to his teammates

The American player plans to work on the mentality of the rest of his teammates by initially instilling greater confidence. With greater team confidence, EliGE hopes the team positions itself among the top four in the most important CS:GO tournaments.

On the other hand, EliGE has commented that to achieve its initial goal, it must do a great job. So it does not anticipate or make preparations for what comes next.

Recall that; Complexity has struggled in the biggest competitions this year. The team has failed to enter the playoffs even once. The team has been present at the Paris Major, IEM Katowice, and IEM Dallas 2023 without any favorable results; the team failed to advance in those tournaments.

On the other hand, Complexity has another opportunity to make the most of. The team can prove it is made for great things during the BLAST Premier. Yesterday the BLAST Premier started, and Complexity faced Ninjas in Pyjamas. Complexity prevailed against the rival in that match and won their first game. Hopefully, the team’s change of mentality will help them advance in this CS:GO tournament. It is important to note that this tournament is expected to be one of the last CS:GO competitions before the arrival of CS2.