CS:GO coach criticizes North American tier one tournament invite system

CS:GO coach criticizes North American tier one tournament invite system

1. August 2023 by miranda angeles

A veteran CS:GO coach has recently strongly criticized the North American region’s level one tournament invite system.

CS:GO coach criticizes North America’s level one tournament invitation system

The coach who has complained and criticized the invitation system for level one tournaments in North America has been Luis ” peacemaker ” Tadeu. Peacemaker is a former CS:GO, coach, and analyst.

The experienced Brazilian coach is trying to get more tournament invites sent out elsewhere. Peacemaker wants South American teams to be invited to other tournaments outside of the North American scene, which he feels is in decline.

Last July 30, Peacemaker posted on his Twitter account where he commented that the number of invitations to top-tier tournaments in North America was “unreasonable.” According to the HLTV rankings, the region currently only has an almost exclusive lineup of North American players among the top 30 teams. Meanwhile, the second-ranked lineup ranks 32nd in this ranking.

On the other hand, Peacemaker has responded to an interview with Complexity’s head coach, who commented on the lack of competitiveness in North American CS:GO esports. Peacemaker’s response to the said interview was as follows:

“How long will South America continue to be treated the same or worse than NA?”

Fewer invitations to tier-one tournaments

According to Peacemaker, the reductions in invitations will be entirely targeted at the North American pro scene. Peacemaker has commented that this competitive scene is facing a sad and difficult reality. Although the NA competitive scene took the brunt of the criticism, Peacemaker also strongly criticized Valve, BLAST, and ESL.

Recall that each of the teams that were accepted into the BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2023 were partner teams. Consequently, there was no single player representing South America in any team.

The issue of the BLAST partner system has been the subject of criticism from much of the CS:GO community. Even Valve has made its point of view known.

In contrast, there is a much broader qualification process for tournaments organized by ESL; for example, the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 18 forces you to move from one qualifier to another.

On the other hand, the high-level competitions of the BLAST Paris Major 2023 RMR included two qualifiers. One of the qualifiers is aimed at North America, and the other at South America. At stake in these qualifiers were seven places for the next tournament round. Of the seven spots, two of them were won by Brazilian teams.