CS:GO Blast.tv Paris Major open Qualifiers for RMR are over!

CS:GO Blast.tv Paris Major open Qualifiers for RMR are over!

15. February 2023 by Andrew Williams

The first two BLAST.tv Paris Europe RMR Open Qualifier are over and sixteen teams have advanced to the Closed Qualifier. However, especially the French line-ups were not lucky and did not advance in the first qualifier, just to make it extra tense in the second one!

On Monday, February 13, the Open Qualifier started with almost 800 teams. These teams had to fight their way through a single-elimination best-of-one bracket until there were less and less line-ups left.

Bad luck for hometeams

At the Paris Major, the focus is naturally on the French teams that are based in France. However, things didn’t go very well for the French teams and LDLC, GenOne and HEET were all eliminated just before the second day of the Qualifier. To the great disappointment of the fans, it was mainly the French teams that were eliminated so early.


Luckily they came through big in the second qualifier today as HEET, LDLC, GenOne and Mixfits all managed to qualify! Only Nakama, the project headlined by Richard ‘shox’ Papillon and his good friend Edouard ‘SmithZz‘ Dubourdeaux did not go through, which was a huge bummer for the fans, but we hope they stick together and possibly make it to the next Major!

Eternal Fire and ECSTATIC made it too

Before the second matchday, which started with a final Bo1 round before the best-of-three qualifiers, a handful of teams had to leave as well. The first open qualifier wasn’t as good as expected for JANO, ECSTATIC, Benched Heroes and Boston Crab, however both ECSTATIC and JANO made it through in the second open qualifier today.

Turkish superteam Eternal Fire was thrown out in the first qualifier, they lost 2-0 to 500 and had to give way to the Bulgarians. But they also prevailed in #2 as they managed to stay in and go to the closed RMR qualifier.

Into the Breach and 500 are through

Robin “flusha” Rönnquist and Jesper “JW” Wecksell were successful with their team, the EYEBALLERS are going for the major, but there’s a long road ahead for them. Things also went according to plan for HONORIS, as they defeated SINNERS 2-1 in a tight series to secure a spot in the closed qualifier.

The teams that made it to the closed BLAST.tv Paris EU RMR qualifiers are:

  • 500 (Bulgaria)
  • HONORIS (Poland)
  • B8 (Ukraine)
  • iNation (Serbia)
  • ITB (UK)
  • Tricked (Denmark)
  • EYEBALLERS (Sweden
  • Viperio (UK)

Open Qualifier #2:

  • Eternal Fire
  • Anonymo
  • JANO
  • HEET
  • LDLC
  • Mixfits
  • PGE Turow

Those teams will be joined by the following squads that are already invited to the closed RMR qualifiers:

EU RMR A closed qualifiers:

  • 9INE (Poland)
  • G2 (Europe)
  • Copenhagen Flames (Denmark)
  • IKLA (Ukraine)
  • HAVU (Finland)
  • SAW (Portugal)
  • 1WIN (Russia)
  • Astralis (Denmark)

EU RMR B closed Qualifier:

  • OG (Europe)
  • GamerLegion (Europe)
  • Monte (Ukraine)
  • forZe (Russia)
  • Falcons (France)
  • Illuminar (Poland)
  • Apeks (Europe)
  • Aurora (Russia)