CS:GO: BLAST Announcements for the Paris Major

CS:GO: BLAST Announcements for the Paris Major

15. January 2023 by Andrew Williams

It’s on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower that Blast.tv gave all the information about the CS:GO Major that will arrive very soon in Paris in 2023.

Final in France

Zywoo, shox, apEX, Neo or Laure Valée were present this Wednesday morning to talk about the major of CS:GO organized by Blast during the year 2023. This tournament follows the announcements of Emmanuel Macron of September 11, 2022 talking about organizing major tournaments in France in 2023. Announcements that (for once) have been kept. Indeed, the CEO of Blast, Robbie Douek, has expressed his desire to achieve a tournament that meets the expectations of the French. Known around the world as the kings of show, the French have been waiting impatiently since 2013, when the last major tournament was held in France. Many dates have been announced but the most important to remember are the following:

  • RMR (Regional Major Ranking) Qualifiers in February-March (exact date not yet announced)
  • RMR from April 3 to 9
  • Major Stage from May 8 to 21:
  • Challenger Stage from May 8 to 11
  • Legends Stage from May 13 to 16
  • Champions Stage from May 18 to 21


Paris is a strategic choice for Blast, as the major is an integral part of the competitive path of the Counter Strike esports scene. With beautiful stadiums such as the Accor Hotel Arena, Blast is planning a show worthy of the ten-year anniversary of the Counter Strike majors. The one in Paris will be the twentieth and it promises to be great! For the occasion, Blast plans to retrace the best moments of the license during the major by showing the audience the highlights of the CS:GO competitive scene of the last 10 years.

Quality Streaming

As for the live stream, Blast has announced an innovative viewing system that will allow free replay of all matches that took place during the day. With the help of new innovative features, the spectator will be immersed in the heart of the matches to fully enjoy the experience. To ensure a quality show for everyone, the matches will be cast in English and French. During the press conference, Robbie Douek showed images of the offline stages on which the players will play the most important matches and I can assure you that there is something to be excited about!

For the players present this morning, this major is a real bargain. Since they have been waiting for a tournament in France to show what the country is capable of, this event comes at the right time. For them, playing in front of their public and their family is a significant plus that will allow them (I hope!) to beat the best. During the morning, Blast also announced the different brackets of the tournament:

Our French team from Vitality will have their work cut out for them in their first match against Astralis, a team they know well as dupreeh and Magisk are former players of the team. On the other side of the table are Heroic and EG, a match that is supposed to be one-sided as Heroic is currently ranked as the best team in the world while EG is supposed to be the weakest team in the top 12. A tricky situation for the players who are training hard to give their best during the tournament.

The new Shox Team

During the press conference, a question was asked to shox about his future as a player. Indeed, after his passage in the Norwegian franchise of Apeks, shox is back in free agent. During a stream Wednesday night, he announced his new team with which he wants to qualify for the major of Paris. With Prodigy Agency, shox gathers a line-up composed of a former player SmithZz and young recruits like day0s, Kursy and Neityu.