CS2’s new equipment system is similar to that of VALORANT

CS2’s new equipment system is similar to that of VALORANT

12. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Since the release of VALORANT, many people have talked about the game copying many features from CS:GO. However, this time it is different; CS2 developers seem to have taken inspiration from an important feature of VALORANT.

Major changes in the new Counter-Strike 2 update

Recently, a major update has been released in Counter-Strike 2, which includes an equipment system. This equipment system allows players to add up to 15 different weapons. In addition, this system can repurchase some items; the purchase menu resembles VALORANT’s.

On the other hand, the developers of Counter-Strike 2 have made a significant change: the removal of Dust 2, which Mirage will replace. Both maps should be accessible in CS2, as this is only a temporary adjustment.

New Counter-Strike 2 equipment system

With the new CS2 update, a new equipment system has been implemented. Now, CS2 users can choose five rifles, five pistols, and five mid-level weapons for their equipment. With this new update, players can carry 15 weapons from three categories on the T and TC sides during matches.

If we compare the new equipment system of CS2 with that of CS:GO, it is a very significant change concerning the SMG and heavy categories. Both weapon classes will now be included in the mid-level of Counter-Strike 2. On the other hand, players can now buy back items during the purchase phase, as in VALORANT. Starting with this update, if players spend money on the wrong item, they can resell it and use the proceeds to buy a different item.

Tools for the workshop

With the new CS2 update, in-game workshop tools can be activated and downloaded from the options menu. All game users have the opportunity to create weapon finishes, stickers, and different maps with the use of these tools. It is important to note that CS2 maps cannot be uploaded to the Steam Community Workshop at the moment.

Anti-Cheat Modifications (VAC)

With the modifications in the Anti-Cheat (VAC), the game’s developers will make that the games will be finished with thanks at the end of the round, and the cheating player will be banned live. It is important to note that this game will not affect the statistics of players who have encountered the cheater. On the other hand, players who have not interacted with the player who was banned by the Anti-Cheat system will receive XP from the game.

These modifications to the Anti-Cheat are an issue previously studied by Valve; finally, the beta test of CS2 has been put into practice.