CS2: Users Discover Incredible Bug on Anubis

CS2: Users Discover Incredible Bug on Anubis

15. February 2024 by Never

A CS2 user has stumbled upon an astonishing bug on Anubis, though we strongly advise against exploiting it as it may lead to a ban.

The Bug

Months after its official release, Valve’s shooter continues to grapple with unresolved issues, with errors persisting. This Wednesday, CS2 once again became the center of attention as users discovered a bug on the Anubis map. Here at CodigoEsports, we’ll delve into the details of this exploit that could grant you an advantage, albeit at the risk of being banned.


On September 27, 2023, Valve decided to elevate the Counter-Strike saga to the next level with the release of CS2. However, the initial months following its launch did not meet the company’s expectations, as the game encountered numerous flaws. While Valve has been gradually addressing each issue and releasing patches practically every week, new errors continue to emerge. This time, the CS2 community uncovered a bug on Anubis that provides a significant advantage within the game.

Discovery of the Bug

This bug, or exploit as it is commonly known, was discovered by @kritikw0w, who shared it on Twitter. The footage depicts the player boosting themselves with the help of teammates at the Terrorist base. As a result, their character ventures beyond the map boundaries and catches opponents off guard in an unexpected position.

Additionally, @kritikw0w maneuvers through the heights of Anubis, expanding the exploit’s reach beyond a specific area. It’s worth noting that the Romanian player utilized this exploit in a non-ranked match, thereby not disrupting the experience of their opponents. However, players who frequent FACEIT are advised against employing this tactic, as the platform has announced plans to ban any players caught doing so.

Unveiling the Anubis Exploit: Valve’s Response and the Future of CS2 Matchmaking

In conclusion, this exploit provides a significant advantage to players, prompting Valve to swiftly address and rectify the issue. Furthermore, the developer has yet to comment on the matter, leaving the door open for potential abuse of the exploit in official matchmaking.