CS2 Update: Enhancements and Adjustments

CS2 Update: Enhancements and Adjustments

17. February 2024 by Never

The recent CS2 update introduces several notable changes, including alterations to viewbob dynamics and in-game telemetry options.

Alongside these modifications, adjustments to map layouts and spectating functionalities aim to enhance the overall gaming experience. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the latest updates in CS2.

Viewbob Changes

The update brings forth a new viewmodel bob, imparting a more contemporary feel to the game. This shift represents a departure from the traditional CS:GO era, signaling a move towards a refreshed visual experience.

Telemetry Enhancements

Significant updates have been implemented in default telemetry and net_graph features. The default CS2 telemetry option, replacing cq_netgraph, is now enabled by default. Users also have the option to activate it using the command cl_hud_telemetry_serverrecvmargin_graph_show.

Scoped Weapon Adjustments

Scoped weapons now exhibit a slightly different effect at the edges when scoped in, resulting in a modified field of view. While this alteration may necessitate some player adjustment, the changes are not overly drastic, ensuring continued playability.

Animation Fixes

  • Rectification of animations during ladder climbing.
  • Menu agents wielding tasers have been addressed.
  • Kukri knife hold animation during team intro sequences has been adjusted.

Spectating Improvements

  • spec_lock_to_accountid and spec_lock_to_current_player commands are now accessible for casters and observers.
  • spec_player and spec_goto functions now operate in CSTV and demo playback.
  • tv_secure_bypass server setting now permits HLAE observers to connect to VAC secure CSTV servers.

Gameplay Updates

  • In Deathmatch mode, the Zeus can now be repurchased each life and earns double points for a second kill in the same life.
  • mp_modify_timeouts server-side command enables the addition/subtraction of tactical timeouts for CT/T teams.
  • Logging enhancements including warmup start/end messages and rectification of reported damage rounding errors.

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Enhanced viewmodel animation smoothness during low or unstable client framerates.
  • Independent implementation of scancode-based key bindings.
  • Introduction of performance diagnostic HUD element configurable in Game Settings menu.



  • Addressed grenade clipping issues around B-site AC unit.
  • Rectified clipping of pillar at T-Start preventing bomb throw into unreachable area.


  • Adjusted clipping around Vents entrance to prevent players’ feet from clipping through.
  • Improved collision of sliding door meshes at Ramp.


  • Added and removed ladder near boost spot by T spawn.
  • Fixed instances where the bomb could be thrown out of the map.


  • Clipping improvements and resolution of disappearing mesh issues.

Unveiling the CS2 Update’s Dynamic Enhancements

The CS2 update introduces a host of improvements spanning various aspects of gameplay, animation, spectating, and map design.

These enhancements contribute to a more polished and immersive gaming experience for players. Stay tuned for further updates and enjoy the enhanced gameplay offered by CS2.