CS2: s1mple’s request, anti-cheats and beta madness!

CS2: s1mple’s request, anti-cheats and beta madness!

24. March 2023 by Andrew Williams

Counter Strike 2 has been officially announced and the hype is getting bigger every day. The game will apparently have a similar anti-cheat as VALORANT, if a data miner is to be believed. While s1mple has approached Valve with a request, accounts to play CS2 are already being sold on the black market.

CS2 gets anti-cheat à la VALORANT

As always data miners are on the front and try to find out every single details about the new game. One of them found something very interesting: VAC Live, now everyone hopes that it will be an upgrade to the old Valve Anti Cheat (VAC) that doesn’t live up to todays standards anymore. May be it will be something vimilar to the VALORANT anti-cheat.

At this stage CS:GO players would take anything that’s better than the current VAC. Valve’s announcement featured many different infos about the game engine, the BETA revealed basically everything about the gameplay, but the publisher has not said anything about the anti-cheat.

CS:GO currently uses

VAC and bans accounts around the world if they are hacked or use cheats in the game, but the system is old and slow to actually ban anyone According to Aquarius, the data miner, the new VAC Live can cancel matches if it detects cheats. Something similar happens in VALORANT with the Vanguard anti-cheat system. In RIOT’s copy of CS:GO a red screen appears that tells everyone a cheater was detected. RIOT faced some critisism at the start because their anti-cheat is running as an extra driver inside the kernel, so it has a lot of access to the players own PC. But apparently it paid off, the question is if Valve wants to go the same route. In CS:GO VAC usually gathered a bunch of detected accounts and banned them all in waves, so the players weren’t caught instantly.

s1mple asks Valve for favor

Oleksandr “s1mple'”Kostyliev from Natus Vincere has appealed to Valve regarding the release of Counter-Strike 2. A few days ago, s1mple and the entire CS:GO community first layed eyes on the newest iteration of Counter-Strike after Valve’s announcement of CS2. s1mple, who is considered the best player in the history of CS:GO, was sitting next to the ESL casters after his team’s match against Outsiders and was amazed to hear about the launch from the responsive Smokes.

Of course the changes are expected to have quite and impact on the gameplay and this impact will be amplified on the high level the Pro-Players perform at. This fact made S1mple ask Valve for a favor “Valve, if you listen to me, let’s finish the tournaments so that we have the same time to prepare after the player break,” he said in the ESL broadcast. As of yet, it’s not clear exactly when Counter-Strike 2 will be released – though the date has been vaguely set for this summer.