CS2: S1mple loses points in the Premier mode of the game

CS2: S1mple loses points in the Premier mode of the game

9. September 2023 by miranda angeles

A couple of days ago, we could see how s1mple had a great CS2 game where he had a remarkable performance. However, the player has lost points in CS2 Premier mode.

S1mple loses points in CS2 Premier mode

Last September 6, CS:GO legend s1mple experienced a situation in CS2 that left him a bit disconcerted. The player was in a great game where he threw a 30 bomb and did not lose the game. However, s1mple received a score of -57 in CS2 Premier mode, a situation the player does not understand.

Since a few days ago, and after the last CS2 update on August 31, s1mple’s fans have seen how the player broadcasts his games. However, the game that left the player surprised and without understanding the situation was when he lost 57 points in the Premier mode. The match took place on the Vertigo map, and not only did he get 30 frags, but his team tied 15-15 with his rival.

In CS2 Premier mode, players receive a visible ranking after winning the first 10 rounds. Now, with this visible ranking, players can see whether they win or lose points at the end of a game.

However, for many people, including s1mple, the scoring system was unduly harsh on the player. It is possible that s1mple and his team should have won the match. So, a draw is not the ideal outcome. However, many of s1mple’s fans believe that to avoid such situations in premier mode, the personal performance of each player should be taken into account.

S1mple loses Points in Premier after ending the Match at 15:15
byu/Butterbombe7 inGlobalOffensive

Personal performance in CS2

A user on Reddit expressed his opinion about what happened with s1mple. This user comments that all esports punish bad performance, AFKs, and cheating. However, in Counter-Strike, they are very tolerant of people who should not be playing. This user wonders why using personal performance in Counter-Strike is so difficult.

byu/Butterbombe7 from discussion

However, if Counter-Strike starts considering personal performance, it would cause a big disadvantage in the game since many players will not go to fights that could negatively affect their scores. For example, many players would avoid solo shootouts, which could affect their scores.

This phenomenon is often seen when Gamers Club, a South American third-party matchmaking server, changes in Elo based on individual performance rather than wins or losses.

Although Counter-Strike 2’s new Premier mode has given competitive play a much-needed breath of fresh air, many players have negative attitudes. These negative attitudes annoy the community that plays CS2’s Premier mode.

But Valve will undoubtedly benefit from any feedback it receives from professional players such as s1mple. This feedback will allow the developers to improve the game in the future.