CS2 removes a mythical graffiti from CS:GO

CS2 removes a mythical graffiti from CS:GO

13. September 2023 by miranda angeles

One of the latest updates to the Counter-Strike 2 beta has been at the center of this sad story. Keen observers have noticed that VALVE has removed a historical tribute to a player within CS2. One of the CS:GO community’s most beloved graffiti has disappeared from CS2, and people have shown discontent.

Thanks to CS:GO’s long life within esports, the video game has experienced historic moments in its tournaments. The most experienced and knowledgeable players of the tournaments knew about the existence of the commemorative graffiti. These works of art honor notable plays in Majors tournaments and can be seen on some of the game’s maps.

After 19 Majors have been played, numerous graffiti have been created. Each of these graffiti reminded us of the feat simply by their existence. However, CS2 has arrived to transform the game in many ways and create a new era. So it seems that in the new CS2 Inferno rework, the graffiti of Mikhail “Dosia” Stolyarov’s grenade has been removed.

History of Dosia’s graffiti in CS:GO

If you are new to the CS:GO saga, you may not be familiar with the “Dosia” graffiti. However, if you are a veteran player and a loyal CS:GO follower, you have most likely seen this graffiti thousands of times.

Now, let’s talk about the history of Dosia’s grenade graffiti in Inferno. This graffiti was made to commemorate one of the most legendary plays in CS:GO history. The said move was made by the adored Russian player, who spent years as a member of the Gambit Esports team at the PGL Major Grand Final in Krakow in 2017. In that match, Dosia performed one of the most outstanding moves in history to prevent his opponent from being able to come back on the scoreboard.

In that legendary match, Gambit Esports found themselves retaining their team for the next round after being forced to forfeit the round win due to being outnumbered. Dosia, however, saw how crucial it was for Immortals to not only prevail in the battle but also preserve his team.

The Russian player threw an explosive device into the Inferno arena area, where terrorist players usually store their equipment after winning a round. The C4 explosion annihilated the opponents and prevented Immortals from having a considerable amount of money in the next round. Gambit’s team eventually won, thanks to the damage caused by Dosia’s HE.

After winning that Major, Dosia and Gambit permanently inscribed their names in CS:GO history. In addition, the Russian player received a special tribute in the form of graffiti in the region of the Inferno map where it all took place thanks to his performance. From that moment on, the story will be remembered by that green and gray sign with the two-handed grenade.

Dosia’s graffiti is not in CS2

However, Counter-Strike 2 was not particularly keen on keeping that tribute. Dosia’s graffiti has disappeared since the Inferno update debuted in CS2’s limited beta a week ago. The community is forced to reflect because the commemorative sign is absent from the updated Italian map.

Most players have expressed dissatisfaction with the decision, especially considering that the rest of the historical graffiti has been preserved. Along with the community, Dosia personally spoke out on the issue. The Russian player commented that it doesn’t matter that his graffiti has been erased. What matters is that it will last forever in their hearts and minds.