CS2: New data leaked about the game beta

CS2: New data leaked about the game beta

20. August 2023 by miranda angeles

With the imminent arrival of CS2, the leakers are working hard to find new interesting data for the community. Currently, two iconic Counter-Strike maps are yet to be included in the game’s beta. But, according to the information revealed by the leakers, in a very short time, these two maps will make their appearance in the CS2 limited beta.

Two iconic maps are coming to CS2

Undoubtedly, the wait for the most popular Counter-Strike maps has been eternal for players. The community eagerly awaits to know all the improvements the developers have worked on. The maps we are talking about are Inferno and Train, which seems both maps will be included in the servers very soon.

According to the information, the reliable leaker Aquarius revealed last August 17, the two maps will be in the game quickly. The leaker has relied on the recent modifications of the “gamemodes.txt” file to assume the inclusion of the maps. Valve has already been responsible for showing us the aesthetics of the two maps, especially Inferno. However, so far, they have not been included in the game.

Inferno, a mainstay map in esports

Inferno, over the years, has become a pillar of esports. Since its redesign in 2016, this map has been part of the Active Duty map group in CS:GO. Since then, almost every top team in the world has been good on this map. On the other hand, the Train map was removed from the Active Duty map group in CS:GO in 2021. That is why that map has not appeared in any professional esports tournament since then.

But if we consider Train a map adored by professional players and fans, developers will likely include this map for CS2. Valve may include Train instead of reserve maps in the active map pool. On the other hand, Train is expected to receive a “Touchstone” treatment, meaning it will not undergo many changes. However, it is not known what remodeling treatment Inferno will receive. Many people think that the map has undergone major changes.

CS2 fans call for the inclusion of Inferno

Fans of CS2, since the launch of the beta, have been asking the game developers for the inclusion of Inferno. However, Valve has limited itself to releasing other maps. For example, the last inclusion was Italy.

According to some fans and industry experts, the official release of CS2 is getting closer and closer. However, before that, Valve will probably show Inferno and Train while the game is still in closed beta.

For now and until CS2’s release date, rumors and leaks will keep coming. We have to wait and see which of these leaks are correct.