CS2 introduces a new competitive mode in the game

CS2 introduces a new competitive mode in the game

3. September 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, it has been announced that a new competitive mode is coming to CS2. We are talking about the Premier mode. Players in this new game mode will be ranked in various season tables according to their performance. This will allow them to select and reject maps.

If Valve keeps the release date of CS2 for the summer of 2023, we are getting closer and closer to enjoying the full game. For their part, the game’s developers have been revealing more details about the tactical shooter. Among those details, we know the game will arrive as a free CS:GO update. But that’s not all. The developers have also reported that a new competitive mode, a new ranking system, and fewer rounds in competitive matches are coming. In addition, as of Friday, September 1, they have expanded the closed beta invite list and have finally introduced the Inferno map.

CS2 Premier Mode

CS2’s new competitive mode is called Premier and will allow players to select and veto the maps that will be available. The results of Premier matches will establish “a new and accurate ranking,” according to Gabe Newell’s company. This ranking will consist of three sections: friend, region, and global leaderboards, and will be in effect for a season (the duration of which has not been defined).

Even more impact will be made by another new feature. The player’s characteristics, the rank that indicates his skill, and the players he is matched within matchmaking will be calculated per map. An example of this would be that a player can be in the global group in Vertigo and the master category in Mirage. On the other hand, they have revealed a new, more versatile mechanism for creating map sets for casual players.

In addition, it has been announced that matches in Premier, Competitive, and Majors tournaments will last a maximum of 24 rounds, with a possible six-round extension. According to Valve, the adjustment has been made due to balancing the game’s economy and weaponry over the past ten years, which has decreased the number of rounds with no opponents. They say that exciting competitions can now be won in fewer rounds due to the adjustments.

Inferno map arrives in the limited trial

In the latest update released by Valve for CS2, in addition to including Premier mode, they included the Inferno map, which arrives slightly tweaked compared to its CS:GO version. In addition, they have begun inviting “as many eligible players as possible” to the Limited Trial. It is important to note that a person cannot be invited unless they are a CS:GO, Prime member, play most of their official games in a region where the Limited Trial can be accessed, and must also have a competitive skill set in official games.