CS2: G2 Esports Signs MalbsMd in a Historic Move for Latin American Counter-Strike

CS2: G2 Esports Signs MalbsMd in a Historic Move for Latin American Counter-Strike

1. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

G2 Esports has made a groundbreaking acquisition by signing the 21-year-old Guatemalan player MalbsMd, marking a significant milestone in Latin American Counter-Strike.

A Major Milestone for Latin American Esports

The competitive Counter-Strike 2 scene in Latin America is experiencing exceptional moments in 2024. This Friday, G2 Esports officially announced the signing of Mario “MalbsMd” Samayoa, in what is considered a historic transfer. The young Guatemalan player will replace Nexa, who has recently been moved to the inactive roster.


The Rise of Latin American Counter-Strike

Historically, Latin America has often lagged behind regions like Europe and North America in competitive Counter-Strike. Apart from Brazil, there have been few significant achievements by Latin American teams. However, recent years have seen strides forward with teams like 9z, Isurus, BESTIA, and Infinity participating in RMR events leading up to the Majors.

Highlights include 9z Team‘s qualifications for the Antwerp and Rio Majors and their recent participation in the IEM Dallas. Amidst these developments, a hardworking Latin player has finally gained recognition.

MalbsMd’s Journey to G2 Esports

On Friday, G2 Esports made the official announcement, marking a historic moment for Latin America. This move was not a coincidence. MalbsMd recently played for M80 and faced G2 in April during the ESL Pro League 19.

Despite his team’s loss, MalbsMd’s performance impressed G2’s staff. Prior to M80, he had standout stints with Team oNe and 00 Nation. Despite his young age, MalbsMd has been competing since 2018, showcasing his talent and dedication.

Upcoming Challenges

This acquisition is not only historic for the region but also a reward for MalbsMd’s hard work throughout his career. G2 Esports’ next tournament is the Esports World Cup, starting on July 17.

Key Points from MalbsMd’s Career:

  • Previous Teams:
    • Team oNe
    • 00 Nation
    • M80
  • Notable Performances:
    • Impressive showing in ESL Pro League 19 against G2.
    • Long-standing presence in competitive Counter-Strike since 2018.


Final Toughts

Fans of Counter-Strike 2 should closely follow MalbsMd’s progress with G2 Esports, as this transfer could signal a new era for Latin American players in the global esports scene. Aspiring players can learn from MalbsMd’s journey, particularly his resilience and consistent performance across various teams.

Stay tuned for more updates as the Esports World Cup unfolds and MalbsMd begins his new chapter with G2 Esports.

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