CS2 Copenhagen Major Opening Stage: Predictions and Betting Tips

CS2 Copenhagen Major Opening Stage: Predictions and Betting Tips

15. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

As the CS2 Copenhagen Major opening stage approaches, anticipation is high for the thrilling matchups that await. With 16 top-tier teams vying for a spot in the next stage, the competition promises to be fierce. But fear not, as we have meticulously analyzed the teams and matchups to bring you our expert predictions and betting tips for the opening stage.

Opening Stage Predictions

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1. Cloud9 and ENCE to Dominate

We predict Cloud9 and ENCE to assert their dominance in the opening stage with flawless 3-0 records. Both teams have showcased exceptional form leading up to the event and boast strong lineups capable of outperforming their opponents.

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2. Mixed Records for Qualification

Several teams are poised to secure their spot in the next stage with mixed records. Our picks include:

  • 9Pandas: Dominated the RMR Decider and has a favorable opening matchup.
  • Apeks: Showed promise in recent tournaments and secured silver at RES Western European Masters.
  • Eternal Fire and Furia: Talented squads with major experience and the potential to advance.
  • Heroic: With significant experience and recent victories, Heroic is a strong contender for qualification.
  • Imperial: Despite a tough first match, Imperial has the talent to progress, led by VINI and felps.

3. Ignominious 0-3 Predictions

We anticipate Lynn Vision and Legacy to struggle in the opening stage, resulting in a disappointing 0-3 record for both teams. With challenging matchups and inconsistent performances, these teams may face an early exit from the tournament.

Opening Matches

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The opening matches of the PGL Copenhagen Major are set to kick off on March 17, featuring best-of-one series that will set the tone for the rest of the tournament. Here are the matchups to watch:

  • Cloud9 vs ECSTATIC
  • Eternal Fire vs MongolZ
  • ENCE vs Imperial
  • Apeks vs paiN
  • 9Pandas vs AMKAL
  • SAW vs KOI
  • FURIA vs Legacy


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As the CS2 Copenhagen Major unfolds, keep an eye on these predictions and betting tips to stay ahead of the game. With thrilling matchups and high-stakes competition, the opening stage promises to be an exhilarating spectacle for CS2 fans worldwide.