CS2: Can the arrival of MR12 affect the competitive scene?

CS2: Can the arrival of MR12 affect the competitive scene?

19. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, CS2 developers have included the MR12 format in the game’s beta, as promised by leakers a few days ago. The MR12 format is a configuration where a maximum of 12 rounds are played. It is important to note that the format is back from CS 1.6, and now MR12 has been implemented in the game as a default option when starting the competitive practice mode.

With this new addition, the community has many questions about how it can affect the CS2 competitive scene. Today we will analyze if it can affect Counter-Strike esports.

MR12 format in CS2

As we mentioned before, Valve has modified the max rounds format. The CS2 limited beta initially used the format of 15 rounds in each half of the game. The latest update has changed the format to 12 rounds in each half of the game.

With this new format, players must get 13 rounds to win a match; previously, they had to win 16. This new format is undoubtedly a very important change for CS2 as it has not been seen since CS 1.6.

On the other hand, it is important to note that only changes have been made to the number of rounds format so far. But no changes have been implemented in the game economy. At the same time, it is important to note that this is also a test in the CS2 beta. It is possible that for the release, it will return to the MR15 format. For the moment, nothing is certain.

Even though, so far, it is only a test, the gaming community has many doubts regarding the competitive scene. Many people think that with the MR12 format, esports can take a completely different turn. As we all know, tournament rules differ significantly from the matchmaking guidelines of the game. For example, the pace of the servers, the length of timeouts, and the number of extra rounds are different. In any case, until the full version of the game is released, we won’t know for sure what the game’s round format will be. So far, it’s only speculation.

Can the MR12 format change Counter-Strike esports?

The importance of additional pistol rounds is why MR12 is unpopular in tournaments. Remember that winning a pistol round almost always guarantees teams win three more rounds. This is possible thanks to the game’s economy.

On the other hand, the team that lost the pistol round gets to triumph in the first full buy-in round. However, using the MR12 format can mean an advantage of 5 in each half, which is quite difficult to overcome.

Using the MR12 format in CS:GO

2020 the MR12 format was used in the Gamers Without Borders charity tournament as a test. After that tournament, the feedback from players was very mixed.

For example, NAVI coach Andrij “B1ad3” Ghorodensjkyj did not like this format. For the coach, the best format to compete in tournaments is MR15. B1ad3 comments that MR12 was fun in the early 2000s, but now it is not a good idea.

On the other hand, we have Allan “Rejin” Petersen from mouz, who only praised this format. For Rejin, this format is quite solid, but he found only one problem: the game’s economy.

However, FaZe Clan leader Janko “YNk” Paunovi fully supported B1ad3’s comments. For YNk, pistol rounds are too crucial, so he didn’t like this format.

We have to wait until the release of the final version of CS2 to know which format will be used in the tournaments.