CS2 at IEM Sydney: A Turnaround for Professionals

CS2 at IEM Sydney: A Turnaround for Professionals

26. October 2023 by Never

IEM Sydney: The Inaugural International CS2 Tournament

In a world where competitive gaming events hold considerable sway, the IEM Sydney tournament stands out. This event marked the international debut of CS2, the latest version of the immensely popular Counter-Strike series. The aftermath of the event saw Faze Clan crowned as champions. But beyond the competitive results, what truly captured attention was the overwhelming professional players’ endorsement for CS2.

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Initial Skepticism Transitioning to Approval

Contrary to the initial lukewarm reception of CS2 by the gaming community, professional sentiments took a sharp turn after the IEM Sydney. Many professionals came forward post-tournament, expressing surprise and satisfaction with how the new product by Valve performed in a LAN environment. In fact, Ádám “torzsi” Torzsás from MOUZ, initially a naysayer of the game, admitted that the LAN experience “felt better.”

Diverse Weaponry: A Welcome Change in CS2

One of the significant changes garnering appreciation in CS2 is the increased diversity of weapons utilized in combat. Vladislav “Nafany” Gorshkov from BetBoom is among the enthusiasts who are thrilled about this refreshed metagame. According to him, the change feels much more balanced and exciting compared to CSGO. He highlights, “everyone now uses different submachine guns, shotguns, and rifles.”

Critiques Remain Amidst Praises

While IEM Sydney did much to bolster CS2’s reputation among professionals, it didn’t entirely silence the critics. Some players still had reservations about Valve’s management of the game’s current state. Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski from Complexity pointed out, “It’s still the game we love. It might not have been the optimal launch we expected, but it’s not beyond repair.”

They continue waiting for improvements

The IEM Sydney tournament served as a vital touchstone for CS2, revealing both its strengths and areas needing improvement. While the event witnessed a notable shift in professional players’ perceptions, the onus is now on Valve to maintain this momentum. Addressing the existing issues and continually enhancing gameplay will be pivotal for CS2’s long-term success.