CS 2 hints dropped in NVIDIA update – is CS:GO Source 2 coming?

CS 2 hints dropped in NVIDIA update – is CS:GO Source 2 coming?

3. March 2023 by Andrew Williams

The best evidence yet for CS:GO 2 has surfaced in the latest NVIDIA driver update! The Counter Strike community is rejoicing with exciting news. Apparently, new evidence of Source 2 has surfaced in the NVIDIA driver updates released in March. This could be the best evidence of CS:GO’s successor, but beware! There have been rumors and hints about Source 2 for years, and so far there has still been no official announcement.

Has NVIDIA left any clues?

Some attentive observers have noticed that in the code of the game profiles for the NVIDIA driver patch, the terms “CSGO2” and “CS2” were out in the open, just sitting there, almost like a bait! The update has actually been around for a bit longer, but it actually took a while to discover the terms. Of course, the community now believes that these are very clear indications that Source 2 is about to be released.

Also, the famous Twitter account GabeFollower, which follows the topic conscientiously, shared this news on March 2: “You can check it yourself by opening NVIDIA Control Panel and unchecking 3D settings.” But we should hold our horses, after all Source 2 for CS:GO has been teased for years now. Especially in the latter part of 2022 valve made quite a few cryptic hints and riddles around the topic. By now one could argue its just a meme, but in the end there will most likely, inevitably be another Counter-Strike release, so its just a matter of time, right? The last two times some hints were dropped the rumors ended up vanishing into thin air.

There is still a long way to go until Source 2

It could be a little longer before we actually see a successor. Valve can’t simply release another CS 2 just like that, there are a lot of intertwined intricacies to watch out for, mostly the skin-world and community market. After all, it’s the main source of their revenue and there’s more attached to it, after all. The skin-community is now more than a decade old, so it’s important to take them all into consideration or valve could alienate the most hardcore casual-playerbase there is outside of the players that wanna go pro. And of course a new engine would shake things up on the pro-level too, so a fluent and sensible transition has to be achieved. All of which are big tasks ahead of the developers.

Hopes are that a Source 2 based CS:GO would increase profits and bring the playerbase to even bigger hights (CS:GO just recently broke another record for concurrent players) build more hype around the game and of course the esports-scene. But on the other hand, failing to produce a good port could kill the whole game, or at least dampen it’s development and with a competitor like VALORANT on the sidelines, theres a big chance of mass-migration of players, or people could simply quit altogether. Either way, this innuendo in the NVIDIA update is entertaining information and will keep the community engaged for a change. Hopefully Source 2, when it is released, will be as successful as CS:GO.