Creator Economy 2.0, the new payment system for Fortnite creators

Creator Economy 2.0, the new payment system for Fortnite creators

23. March 2023 by miranda angeles

Epic Games looking to improve the economy for Fortnite creators, has launched the new payment system Creator Economy 2.0. this new payment method was unveiled yesterday when they gave the State of Unreal keynote speech.

Unreal Editor, a “Creator 2.0” that allows you to build incredible situations within the Fortnite universe, has just been unveiled by Epic Games and Fortnite.

This announcement has had a great impact on a global scale, thanks to the many possibilities it provides for developers and content producers.

Players can access various video games, narratives, and gameplay elements that others have created within Epic Games. However, all this additional work has to be compensated. For this reason, the developer has introduced Fortnite’s new payment system, Creators Economy 2.0.

Creators Economy 2.0

Epic Games has provided a thorough explanation of how Creators Economy 2.0 works. That’s why we bring you a summary, so you don’t miss any details.

The new payment system has an innovative approach, where different content creators will have the opportunity to receive financial compensation based on the participation of their content published on the island.

Epic Games assures that the participation payments for content creators and island publishers will be 40% of the net revenue from the in-game item store. In other words, publishers and artists will receive a large percentage of Epic’s earnings monthly.

How does Epic Games make money from Fortnite?

Remember that Fortnite is a free-to-play game, and the way to generate thousands and millions of dollars annually is through items and skins. Therefore, this will be the same way creators 2.0 generate money through the sales generated in their games.

How the new payment mode for Fortnite creators works?

Payments for creators 2.0 will be determined by two different parameters which emphasize player retention and the popularity of their game.

Each creator will be rewarded if their island attracts many players daily, benefiting the creators’ economy.

So, it is simply necessary to participate in the islands and events produced by your favorite content creator. Including any code in your purchases will not be necessary to support the designers.

With this new payment system, the creator will only have to worry about creating unique, attractive, and eye-catching experiences for the players.

It is important to note that payments for open participation will be available for companies and people over 18 years old.

If you want to be part of the creators 2.0 of Fortnite islands, you should go to the program’s registration page to get more information to apply.