Crazy Raccoon’s captain must do military service

Crazy Raccoon’s captain must do military service

20. August 2023 by miranda angeles

News recently broke that Crazy Raccoon is bidding farewell to the ALGS Championship as the captain must perform military service.

Crazy Raccoon says farewell to ALGS

In this year’s Apex Legends competitive series, Crazy Raccoon has arguably been one of the unluckiest teams. The team lost prematurely in two international tournaments. Despite experiencing those tough times, Crazy Raccoon managed to qualify for the Championship through the LCQ. However, the organization suffers another setback, which put a definitive end to the team’s competitive year.

Crazy Raccoon, despite participating in the two split qualifiers and earning a spot in the Championship through the APAC-N Last Chance Qualifier, has decided to withdraw from the Championship. The team issued an official statement yesterday, August 19, informing the entire community of its decision.

In Crazy Raccoon’s statement, the team commented that the team’s IGL, since 2020, Song “Ras” Hong-gyun, has been ordered to report for mandatory military service. Therefore, the organization has decided to withdraw from ALGS.

On the other hand, the team says that Ras was due for compulsory military service some time ago. That is why the team leader cannot continue playing Apex professionally. At the same time, in the statement, the player says that the military service was causing problems, so Ras decided to fulfill it. All Crazy Raccoon players made the decision not to compete without their leader.

Ras is one of the most popular players in Korea

Since the beginning of Apex, Ras has become one of Korea’s most famous players. This player debuted on April 8, 2019, with Team MVP, and since then, he has shown his full potential in esports. Ras, for his part, led his team to early success, with the team even achieving a ninth-place finish in the first international competition.

Later, Ras was chosen to be part of Crazy Raccoon a year after his debut in Apex. Since Ras arrived at Crazy Raccoon, the player has filled the captain’s position. Undoubtedly, Ras is a key player in the team. Thanks to him, Crazy Raccoon has been able to achieve new success both nationally and internationally.

Departure of Crazy Raccoon

It is important to note that all teams participating in the Championship must establish their roster even before the start of the LQC. In addition, all teams that qualify for the tournament must maintain their lineup.

On the other hand, Crazy Raccoon has no reserve players due to some foreign visa issues. But the team could still compete as a two-person team as other teams have done in the past. However, the team decided to withdraw from the competition at the request of its captain.

However, as for withdrawing one of the teams from the Championship, it is unknown if an APAC-N team from the LCQ will cover Crazy Raccoon’s absence. So far, Respawn and Electronic Arts have not yet commented on the matter.