Counter-Strike players go crazy with a small change

Counter-Strike players go crazy with a small change

3. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently the developers of CS2 have made an update to the game. In that update, two maps have been included. However, a small tweak has made players go crazy.

Changes in CS2

In the most recent Counter-Strike 2 patch, the game developers have included the Anubis and Ancient maps, which means that the last map to be tested in the CS2 beta is Inferno. While the inclusions of these two maps are quite interesting, the excitement from players has been about something else. The new update has received all the attention on the game’s chickens.

Since yesterday, August 2, CS2 developers have taught the chickens to swim. Recall that in the various maps of CS:GO, chickens could run and dodge bullets very easily. These same chickens can swim in different flooded areas on the Anubis map.

Although it is a small modification, players have loved it and let it be known on social networks. Undoubtedly, the chicken’s update overshadowed the addition of the Anubis and Ancient maps.

Comments about the chicken’s update in CS2

Social networks have not taken long to see how community members enjoy and joke about the chicken’s updates. Some users have commented that this is the “biggest update in the game’s history.”

On the other hand, players have commented that this is the best update to the game, second only to CS2’s bomb inspection feature. Undoubtedly, all the attention in the game has gone to the chickens. However, the new explosive feature is guaranteed to cause a sensation.

Other changes in CS2

Although for many players, the highlight of the update is the chickens. Valve has managed to introduce some really interesting changes to the game.

On the other hand, it can be said that in the CS2 beta, the chickens have undergone quite a few adjustments. Not only have aesthetic adjustments been introduced, but the function that will make them run away if they step on explosive artifacts.

At the same time, the developers have removed Overpass and Vertigo, and in the new update, they have included the latest Counter-Strike maps. To date, the battlefields that have been used in CS2 are:

  • Dust 2
  • Mirage
  • Nuke
  • Overpass
  • Office
  • Vertigo

So Inferno will be the latest addition to the CS2 beta. Fans have seen a preview of the aesthetic changes thanks to the leaks. So it is very likely that this map will be included in the game very soon. According to the information revealed by the leakers, Inferno could arrive in a few weeks. This indicates that we should wait a few days to know all the details of this map.