Counter-Strike 2: The Challenges Facing New Players

Counter-Strike 2: The Challenges Facing New Players

20. October 2023 by Never

Counter-Strike has long been celebrated as one of the most iconic first-person shooter games. However, its recent iteration, Counter-Strike 2, has sparked a fresh debate. Many in the gaming community believe the game doesn’t cater well to newcomers. Here’s why.

Overwhelming Presence of Smurfs

Smurfs are experienced players who create secondary accounts to compete against less experienced players. Their presence in Counter-Strike 2 seems overwhelming, making the gameplay tough for those who are just beginning their journey. Many new players often find themselves mismatched against these seasoned competitors, turning what should be a learning experience into a frustrating ordeal.

Disorganized Ranking System

The game’s ranking system appears to be somewhat chaotic. New players often express confusion and disillusionment, especially when the system seems to set them up for failure rather than gradual progression. Such disorganization only compounds the challenges newcomers already face, further deterring them from continuing.

Encounters with Cheaters

It’s not just smurfs that new players have to contend with. There are also those who use third-party programs to gain an unfair advantage. While Counter-Strike 2 is a free-to-play game, the only way to substantially decrease the chances of playing against cheaters is by purchasing the Prime status. However, given that the game promotes itself as a free experience, many newcomers are reluctant to invest money into Prime, leaving them exposed to potential cheaters.

Lack of Entertaining Game Modes

Adding to the woes of new players is the absence of certain engaging game modes. Veterans of the original game fondly recall modes like Danger Zone and Arms Race. Their absence in Counter-Strike 2 makes the game feel incomplete, reducing the fun quotient for those who have just started playing.


It’s evident that for Counter-Strike 2 to truly resonate with and cater to new players, certain issues need addressing. While the presence of smurfs and cheaters can’t be entirely eliminated, a more organized ranking system and the reintroduction of popular game modes can significantly enhance the experience for newcomers. The game has immense potential, but it’s up to its developers at Valve to ensure that it’s as welcoming to new players as it is challenging for the veterans.