Controversy with the SoloQ Challenge

Controversy with the SoloQ Challenge

4. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Some busy days are coming for the LoL competitive scene in Spain and France. A few days ago, a French SoloQ Challenge was announced, very similar to the one born under the impulse of Elm “ElmilloR” Cherto.

On April 1st, Jean “TraYtoN” Medzadourian presented a French SoloQ Challenge website. To the surprise of many people, the website is identical to the one created at the time to follow the Spanish event. But, of course, we are talking about the design, and the domain is practically a photocopy.

ElmilloR talks about the SoloQ Challenge

A couple of days ago, ElmilloR made public on his social networks the annoyance he felt with Riot Games and against France. The streamer commented that things got out of control; he claimed they stole his project and copied everything without asking.

On the other hand, ElmilloR also commented that the intellectual property of SoloQ Challenge is valued at € 20k and asks that they pay that amount. Otherwise, he will be forced to stop providing access to his code to the SoloQ Challenge site in France.

Riot Games has commented on the controversy

After the strong criticisms made to Riot Games by Elmillor, the official LoL France Twitter account took it upon itself to start a new chapter on this controversy.

In response to what was communicated by Elmillor, LoL France has published a thread on their Twitter account detailing the main objective of the competition. In addition, they comment on the letter Riot will use in response to Elmillor’s comments and what will happen to the competition.

At this time, many are wondering if this means the beginning and the end of SoloQ Frances.

Riot Games response

The first thing that guarantees LoL France is that Riot Games has supported and approved the SoloQ Challenge France project organized by TraYtoN and its website. In addition, they ensure that all procedures have been carried out following the law.

They also add that this collaboration with Spain is not simply an isolated project. This would directly respond to Elmillor’s latest Tweets, where he claims they have duplicated his entire project without consulting him first.

In the following post, the French team states that the organization’s initial goal with the SoloQ Challenge France was to combine both competitions simultaneously. They comment that they know that the fan communities in Spain and France communities love the spirit of competition that animates the battles between the two countries.

Finally, LoL France thanks streamer TraYtoN for dedicating time and effort to the event. Furthermore, they reaffirm their position and assure that they will continue to support the SoloQ Challenge France competition and anticipate a friendly and civilized competition.