Content creator pranked with $100 million donation

Content creator pranked with $100 million donation

19. September 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, we have seen how a content creator’s viewers have abused the Streamlabs exploit to prank him. Last weekend, a streamer received $100 million in donations on his stream.

Let’s remember that donations to content creators often mean their biggest income source. Although this is voluntary, many streamers’ fans will give them a few dollars to keep watching them play. However, we almost always see that the donations are small amounts, not a million dollars. But to the surprise of the streamer Forsen and his viewers, one person had supposedly donated millions of dollars to him.

$100 million donation to streamer Forsen

Last September 17, Forsen was streaming a Minecraft speedrun when suddenly, the streamer received a $100 million donation. However, Forsen immediately thought it was a joke, and he was right.

Right now, Twitch streamers can customize their broadcasts using Streamlabs. However, there seems to have been a bug that allows viewers to prank content creators as million-dollar donations.

Forsen, during the broadcast after realizing the significant donation, asked his viewers, “How did you guys manage to do this?” The content creator didn’t fall for a second on the joke. However, he later verified that it was a fake donation.

For his part, the streamer concluded that it was a “glitch” and asked the people at Twitch to investigate this situation. Forsen then jokingly comments, “If it is a glitch, it could turn into a clown party.”

Fake donations to Twitch streamers

As we mentioned, the fake donations to Twitch streamers are apparently due to a hack of Streamlabs since Forsen is the only streamer who has received a millionaire donation. Even on the same day that Forsen’s happened, LoL streamer Jankos received a donation of approximately $19 million. Later, the Jankos received another donation of $ 8 million.

This content creator immediately realized it was a joke and sarcastically commented, “That’s a lot of money, bro.”

Community comments on the million-dollar donations on Twitch

Comments about the million-dollar donations on Twitch did not take long to appear on social networks. On Reddit, we could see how users commented that Streamlabs could be responsible for these fake donations.

For those who do not know Streamlabs, it is a tool widely used by Twitch streamers to customize their broadcasts. With this tool, they can add a lot of functions. One of these functions that content creators can add is to show the amount of money a viewer has donated.

However, apparently, it may be a bug in Streamlabs, which allows a viewer to change the number displayed at the time of their donation, as happened on the Forsen rebroadcast with the $99,999,999.99 donation.

Forsen get a $100M dollar donation
byu/Aroeloe_Boesoe inLivestreamFail

At the moment, Twitch has not commented on the issue. However, it may be a misleading trend being used to scam streamers.