Complexity Disqualified from HCS London Major After Unauthorized Software Found on Spartan’s SSD

Complexity Disqualified from HCS London Major After Unauthorized Software Found on Spartan’s SSD

3. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a shocking turn of events, Complexity has been disqualified from the HCS London Major due to unauthorized software found on the SSD of team member Tyler “Spartan” Ganza. The ruling has left fans and the team reeling, with significant implications for the tournament.

The Incident and Investigation

The incident occurred during Pool Play, as Complexity was preparing for their match against FaZe Clan. HCS league officials conducted a routine equipment check and discovered that Spartan’s SSD was not the official tournament SSD. The SSD contained software intended to enhance PC performance, although no cheats or other prohibited software were detected.

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Official Statement from HCS League

The official ruling, detailed in the HCS Major London 2024 Official Rules v1.3, cites violations under the sections for cheating and the use of unauthorized equipment. The ruling emphasizes the importance of competitive integrity and the need for all participants to adhere strictly to the provided rules and equipment.

Impact on the Tournament

The disqualification of Complexity has had immediate effects on the tournament structure and standings:

  1. Automatic Last Place for Complexity in Pool C
  2. FaZe Clan Awarded 3-0 Victory
  3. Cloud9 Awarded 3-0 Victory
  4. Open Bracket Team Receives Automatic Victory Over Complexity

Complexity will receive 0 HCS points and no prize money from the tournament. Further individual rulings for Spartan will be decided after the HCS London Major concludes.

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Consequences for Complexity and Spartan

Fans have expressed disappointment and frustration at the disqualification. Many point to Spartan’s cooperation with the investigation, but the use of unauthorized software, regardless of intent, has been deemed a serious violation of the competitive integrity rules.

Future Implications

This ruling not only affects Complexity’s standing in the current tournament but also raises questions about their future participation in HCS events. The organization will need to reassess its internal protocols to ensure compliance with all league requirements moving forward.

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The HCS ruling against Complexity underscores the critical importance of following all equipment and software guidelines. Teams must ensure that all hardware used in competitions complies with official standards to avoid similar disqualifications.

For Complexity, this incident serves as a harsh reminder of the stakes involved in professional gaming. Moving forward, stricter adherence to league rules will be essential to restore their reputation and competitive standing.

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