Community Gaming Integrates World ID to Enhance Trust in Esports Tournaments

Community Gaming Integrates World ID to Enhance Trust in Esports Tournaments

11. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Community Gaming, a cryptocurrency-powered esports tournament platform, recently announced a collaboration with Tools for Humanity, a contributor to Worldcoin, to integrate World ID into their infrastructure. This move is set to revolutionize the esports arena by ensuring the authenticity of participants.

The Essence of Worldcoin and World ID

Worldcoin introduces a blockchain-based digital identity system enabling individuals to “prove their humanity.” This is primarily done through iris scanning using a device called the “Orb.”

Verified users receive a World ID, which can be used across various gaming and application platforms. In some regions, users are also rewarded with a portion of the WLD token, although this is not currently available in the United States.

Enhancing Tournament Integrity

The integration of World ID into Community Gaming’s framework allows tournament creators the option to require player identity verification. This feature aims to address the issue of players creating multiple accounts to gain an unfair advantage in tournaments.

User Verification Process

  • Non-Mandatory for Organizers: The use of World ID is optional for tournament organizers but provides a reliable way to verify users participating remotely.
  • Badge System: Players who verify their identity through World ID will receive a verified badge on their account pages.

Security Levels and Accessibility

  • Multiple Security Options: World ID verification does not necessarily require the Orb, as users can verify their identities through mobile devices.
  • Iris Scanning Optional: The system offers various levels of security, including options with or without iris scanning via the Orb.

Addressing Online Esports Challenges

Chris Gonsalves, CEO of Community Gaming, emphasized to Decrypt’s GG the importance of device verification as an initial step to ensure that the person behind a device is who they claim to be. This approach aims to foster greater trust in online esports participation.

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Regional Manager’s Insight

Bryan Mier, Regional Manager of Community Gaming for Latin America, highlights the initiative’s role in bolstering trust in online event participation and addressing the challenges of identity verification in esports.

Rollout Plans and Future Prospects

The deployment of this integration will begin in the coming weeks in Latin America, with a focus on Argentina, Peru, and Brazil. Community Gaming plans to organize verified tournaments in popular games such as PUBG, Marvel Snap, Axie Infinity, and Free Fire.

Additionally, future physical events in Latin America are planned to demonstrate the functionality of Worldcoin and World ID, with details on Orb-based player verification still being finalized.

Blockchain-Based Identity Verification in Esports

As Community Gaming integrates World ID, it marks a significant advancement in ensuring fair play and trust in esports tournaments. This collaboration could pave the way for a new standard in online gaming identity verification, enhancing the overall integrity of the esports industry.