CoD Warzone Won’t Feature Verdansk at Black Ops 6 Launch but Might Get a New Map

CoD Warzone Won’t Feature Verdansk at Black Ops 6 Launch but Might Get a New Map

28. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Call of Duty: Warzone players eagerly awaiting the return of Verdansk will have to exercise a bit more patience. Recent credible leaks suggest that the iconic map’s reintroduction, initially anticipated with the launch of Black Ops 6 in 2024, has been pushed back to 2025.

Delayed Reintroduction of Verdansk

Despite earlier speculations and fan expectations, Verdansk will not be making its comeback during the initial rollout of Black Ops 6. Instead, developers are focusing on enhancing the gameplay experience within Urzikstan, the current primary map for Warzone.

Updates are planned for various points of interest (POIs) and the introduction of a Ranked Play mode to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging throughout the game’s lifecycle.


Introducing “Area 99”

In lieu of Verdansk, Treyarch is preparing to introduce a new Resurgence map titled “Area 99″ during Black Ops 6’s live seasons. This new map is rumored to be set within a clandestine U.S. facility, promising a unique and thrilling environment for players to explore and conquer.

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Community and Developer Insights

The Call of Duty community has expressed mixed reactions to the delay of Verdansk’s return but remains optimistic about the upcoming additions. “Area 99” has sparked considerable interest due to its intriguing setting and the return of a three-lane multiplayer map design, a hallmark of Treyarch’s map development.

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Looking Ahead

While the delay may disappoint some fans, the focus on delivering quality updates and introducing new content like “Area 99” reflects Treyarch’s commitment to evolving the Warzone experience. Players can expect ongoing updates and enhancements as the game progresses towards its anticipated milestones.

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