CoD Warzone Mobile: Golden Week Event and Mid-Season Update Overview

CoD Warzone Mobile: Golden Week Event and Mid-Season Update Overview

26. April 2024 by Never

Get ready for exciting new content coming to Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile with the Golden Week event and the upcoming mid-season update. Here’s what you need to know about these thrilling additions:

Golden Week Event

The Golden Week event in Warzone Mobile will introduce content inspired by Japanese folklore, offering players a chance to collect gold bricks to unlock exclusive loot. Rewards include:

  • Lockwood 300 – Shogun’s Harmony Weapon Blueprint
  • Combat Knife – Stealth Blossom Weapon Blueprint
  • Golden Week Animated Calling Card

Players can gather gold bricks by defeating enemies, opening Supply Crates, and completing Contracts during this limited-time event.

Mid-Season Update

Following the Golden Week event, Warzone Mobile will receive its mid-season update, featuring exciting additions and in-game events:

  • Weekly Challenges: Expect new weekly challenges to keep gameplay fresh and engaging.
  • High Voltage Mode: Dive into the new limited-time High Voltage mode, set on Rebirth Island. Lightning storms will power up players, adding a dynamic twist to the battle.
  • Viking Runes in Verdansk: Explore Viking Runes scattered across Verdansk. Players can choose to preserve these runes for possible rewards or risk destroying them for instant benefits.

Golden Week Event and Mid-Season Update: Action-Packed Adventures Await in CoD Warzone Mobile

Prepare for an action-packed experience with the Golden Week event and mid-season update in CoD Warzone Mobile. Explore Japanese folklore-inspired content, collect gold for exclusive rewards, and dive into thrilling new game modes and challenges.