CoD streamer criticizes Activision for not receiving the MW3 event invitation

CoD streamer criticizes Activision for not receiving the MW3 event invitation

5. September 2023 by miranda angeles

CoD streamer Nadia strongly criticizes Activision for not receiving an invitation to the MW3 event. The streamer has commented that the CoD developer has a “double standard” after being denied an invitation to the event for the new game in the series. According to the streamer, Activision did not invite her to the event due to some photos she had recently posted.

Event for MW3

The end of summer in the Call of Duty universe usually means the release of the new game’s trailer for that year. Also, around this time, start sending out invitations for events related to the upcoming game, such as CoD Next.

At the CoD Next event, series fans can watch their favorite players and streamers test the next game to hit the market. This event is the first major event related to the new game. According to the information revealed by Activision, this event will occur on October 5, and Modern Warfare 3 will be released on November 10.

Nadia states that she has not received an invitation to the MW3 event

For her part, Nadia has shown her discontent on social networks as she has not received an invitation for this important CoD event. According to the streamer, Activision has not sent an invitation because of the bikini photos she posted on her Twitter account.

Nadia criticizes Activision for “neglecting” her on the issue of her invitation to CoD Next. The content creator posted on September 3 on her Twitter account that other content creators, such as Aydan, Swagg, and Tfue, have also posted racy photos. However, they did receive her invitation to the event.

The content creator made a post on Twitter that she soon after deleted from her account. In the post, Nadia commented:

“Call of Duty keeps inviting racy content creators while declining me because of my bikini photos.”

No one claims that she has never shared nudity. She further comments that she contacted the tournament organizers about their double standard for guests, but Activision’s handlers dismissed it.

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Nadia talks about this situation in a rebroadcast

After deleting her Twitter post, Nadia discussed the situation in a rebroadcast. The content creator claims the problem started when she commented that the game’s popularity was decreasing.

Later, in her rebroadcast, Nadia commented that she may not have been invited to CoD Next for posing a risk to the brand. Later, Nadia commented that other women had also been excluded from similar events due to similar circumstances. On the other hand, Nadia commented that even FaZe Kalei was excluded from an event because of comments she posted on her Twitter.

Nadia assures that the invitations for CoD Next have already been sent out despite Activision’s comments. For now, we’ll have to wait and see if Nadia receives her invitation and changes her situation.