CoD: Rumors claim that some maps from MW2 (2009) are coming back to MW3

CoD: Rumors claim that some maps from MW2 (2009) are coming back to MW3

15. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Every day more and more rumors are surfacing about the new title in the CoD franchise. A recent rumor claims that the most iconic maps from 2009’s MW2 will be back in Modern Warfare 3.

If the rumors are true, apparently, CoD developers seem to have listened to all the fans of 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 who were dissatisfied with the 2020 remaster or the most recent release bearing the same name. Leakers claim that some maps from the original MW2 will be in MW3.

Rumors claim that some maps from MW2 (2009) will return to MW3

According to information revealed on Twitter by leaker @el_bobberto, all the maps that debuted in 2009’s MW2 are expected to make it to the new CoD installment. According to rumors, all players can enjoy some classic franchise maps and relive exciting games. It is important to highlight that the leakers ensure the maps arrive in remastered versions.

Warzone and DMZ occasionally contain some references to these iconic maps. For example, the Al Mazrah hub bears a strong resemblance to the Terminal, and the Al-Malik airport bears a resemblance to Highrise. However, the 2022 re-release of MW2 did not include any details of these maps.

Now, if all the leaked details are true, veteran players of the series can enjoy the original maps in MW3. In addition, newer players can discover and experience great moments on these iconic maps.

Other leaks for Modern Warfare 3

The leakers have not only revealed information about the upcoming maps for the new CoD game. In turn, the leakers have revealed that the multiplayer version of MW3 will include map voting, but that’s not all. The developers are also working on Tactical Sprint regeneration, as well as on increasing player health.

Undoubtedly, the improvements in Tactical Sprint and player health boosting suggest big changes in MW3’s multiplayer mode. Furthermore, if we add to all these leaks the possibility of Slide canceling his return to the new game, we can say that the excitement has only started to grow.

It is important to note that all this information is based on leaks. So far, the game developers have not confirmed any of this information. In addition, we must remember that there are still a couple of months to go before its release, so things may take an unexpected turn that will surprise all the franchise fans. For now, we must wait until August 17 to see the official presentation of the game.