CoD MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass: Release Date and Details

CoD MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass: Release Date and Details

24. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which launched on November 10, 2023, has its player base eagerly awaiting the release of its first Battle Pass. The Season 1 Battle Pass for CoD MW3 is a highly anticipated addition, and here’s the latest information on its release date and features.

Expected Release Date

The Modern Warfare 3 Battle Pass is slated for release around December 6, 2023. This date aligns with multiple reports and was recently confirmed in the latest Call of Duty newsletter.

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Synchronization with MW2 and Warzone Seasons

The decision to delay the Season 1 Battle Pass for MW3 was strategic. It was done to align with the ongoing Season 6 of MW2 and Warzone. This ensures that players’ progress in these games is not disrupted and paves the way for seamless seasonal transitions.

Implications for Vault Edition Owners

Players who purchased the Vault Edition of CoD MW3 were promised several perks, including access to the Battle Pass, 1,100 CoD Points, 50 Tier Skips, and more. However, these bonuses will become available only with the launch of Season 1. Until then, players can enjoy their extra operators and other pre-release features.

Back-to-Back Seasons


The alignment with Warzone’s seasons suggests an exciting possibility of experiencing two Warzone seasons in rapid succession, enhancing the overall gameplay experience for the community.

Expectations for Warzone 

The wait for CoD MW3’s Season 1 Battle Pass is almost over. With its release, players can look forward to new content, rewards, and a fresh season of challenges. The strategic delay is set to maximize player engagement and maintain continuity across Call of Duty titles.