CoD: Mobile: Unlocking the Spear

CoD: Mobile: Unlocking the Spear

15. February 2024 by Never

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 introduces two distinctive weapons that leave a mark in the game’s history: the Type 19 and the Spear. While the Type 19 stands out for its firepower, the Spear shines as a close-quarters combat weapon.

Overview of the Spear

The newly introduced spear makes its debut in the mobile FPS franchise as a secondary weapon. Unlike other two-handed weapons like the Baseball Bat or the Axe, the Spear delivers a rapid triple attack when executed or a powerful slash after a jump.

Unlocking the Spear

Similar to the Ballistic Knife, the Spear is the second weapon to be released in Season 11 of CoD: Mobile, obtainable through challenges. It will be available later with the “Imperial Armory” seasonal store on February 24, featured in the Events section.

To acquire the spear, players need to redeem approximately 15 mission tokens from the T2 mission. These tokens can be earned by playing matches in the Nuketown: Year of the Dragon playlist or by completing daily and seasonal missions.

An immediate alternative to obtain the weapon is through a draw, marking the debut of its first high rarity skin. Other potential options include waiting for its future re-release in cosmetic packs, the introduction of a permanent challenge, or exchanging credits in the in-game store or points in the trial armament section.

Unleashing the Spear in CoD: Mobile Season 2 for Enhanced Close-Quarters Combat

Unlocking the Spear in CoD: Mobile Season 2 adds a dynamic element to close-quarters combat, offering players a unique and powerful melee option. Whether executing rapid attacks or delivering strong slashes after a jump, mastering the Spear can provide a strategic advantage in the fast-paced mobile FPS environment.

Mastering the Hunt: Strategies for Swiftly Acquiring the Spear in CoD: Mobile Season 2

For a swift acquisition of the Spear, players should focus on completing the Nuketown: Year of the Dragon missions and daily/seasonal challenges to accumulate the necessary mission tokens. Additionally, keeping an eye on the seasonal store for the February 24 release is crucial for those eager to add this formidable close-quarters weapon to their arsenal.