CoD: Mobile Season 2 – Everything You Need to Know

CoD: Mobile Season 2 – Everything You Need to Know

5. February 2024 by Never

As we bid farewell to the first season of CoD: Mobile in 2024, it’s time to gear up for Season 2. Moving away from the fantasy-themed aesthetics of tales and novels, Season 2 celebrates the annual Chinese New Year with exciting new content and features.

Launch Date

Season 2, named “Lunar Dragon”, is set to commence on February 7 (February 8 in Spain). The update will be available through in-game download or via app stores.

What’s New in Season 2

Key Features

  • Type 19: Introducing the first original weapon in the game’s history.
  • Jetpack Class for Battle Royale: A new addition to the battle pass.
  • Spear: A new melee weapon, unlockable through challenges.

Battle Royale Updates

  • Floating Platform: Weapons are now disabled here, with only fireworks allowed. Obtain gear like accessories, weapons, and consumables by hitting UAVs carrying gifts, including a food gift box for cooking mini-games.
  • Mini-Games on the Floating Platform:
    • Cooperative Cooking: Join a cooking table with your team, with a maximum of four teams allowed per game.
    • Cooking with Fire: Use a food gift box to start; cook food evenly for high scores and rewards.

Multiplayer Enhancements

  • Maps:
    • Nuk3town – Year of the Dragon: A festive Chinese New Year version of the Black Ops III map.
  • Modes:
    • Jetpack Assault: Inspired by Advanced Warfare, use the jetpack to jump higher, slide further, and run on walls.

Battle Pass

  • Weapon Skins: Includes HS0405 – War-Built, Man-O-War – Warrior’s Redoubt, and more.
  • Operators: Battery – Imperial Battledress, David Mason – Claws of Iron, among others.
  • Ground Forces Subscription: Oden – Tranquil Vision, Backpack 2 – Tranquil Vision, and Operator Shigenori – Shadow Outcast.
  • Battle Pass Archives:
    • Wild Dogs (Season 4 of 2022): Features Operators like Farah – Desert Sentinel and Ghost – Apparition, and weapon skins like AS VAL – Heat Shield.

Cosmetic and Premium Content

  • New Operator: Long Yun, with outfits for Dark Shepard and Kryptis, and a mythical skin for the Type 19.
  • Free Legendary Skin: M4 – Royal Black Soul, obtainable by creating or logging into a Call of Duty account and playing five multiplayer matches. This promotion ends on May 22, 2024.

Unveiling CoD: Mobile Season 2 ‘Lunar Dragon

Season 2 of CoD: Mobile, “Lunar Dragon”, offers an immersive experience with its Chinese New Year theme, introducing the first-ever original weapon, Type 19, and a host of new features and updates. Don’t miss out on the legendary M4 – Royal Black Soul skin, available for a limited time. Get ready to dive into the action and celebrate the new season with style!