COD: Mobile Season 2 2024 – Key Balance Changes: Nerfs & Buffs Overview

COD: Mobile Season 2 2024 – Key Balance Changes: Nerfs & Buffs Overview

1. February 2024 by Never

Attention, Call of Duty: Mobile enthusiasts! Embrace the Lunar Dragon thrill as Season 2 unveils a slew of pivotal balance changes across weapons, operator skills, and perks. This article delves deep into the nerfs and buffs that are set to redefine your gameplay in the latest update.

Weapon Adjustments: A New Battle Landscape

1. LW3 Tundra KERS

  • Movement Speed: Reduced to 4.19m/s from 4.24m/s.
  • Sprint Speed: Now 5.37m/s, down from 5.5m/s.
  • Bandit Steady Stock: STF reduction now 30%, was 40%.

2. Koshka

  • Sprint to Fire: Improved to 210ms from 240ms.

3. Rytec AMR

  • Reload Time: Tactical/empty reload time enhanced.

4. Outlaw

  • ADS Time: Decreased to 390ms from 420ms.

5. DLQ 33

  • Fire Interval: Reduced to 1170ms from 1200ms.

6. PDW57

  • ADS Movement Speed: Lowered to 3.82m/s from 3.97m/s.
  • Bullet Impact: Reduced to 0.9 from 1.

7. Type 25

  • Magazine Size: Stopping Power Reload mag now holds 34 bullets, up from 30.

8. M13

  • Damage Profile: Improved to 24-19-16 from 24-18-16; headshots now more lethal in 2nd range.

9. Striker 45

  • Range Profile: Enhanced to 6m-14m-22m from 6m-11m-22m.
  • Stomach Multiplier: Increased to 1.1x from 1x.

10. Man-O-War [MP only]

  • Headshot Multiplier: Boosted to 1.36x from 1.1x.

11. EM2 [MP only]

  • Headshot Multiplier: Raised to 1.4x from 1.1x.

12. DR-H [MP only]

  • Headshot Multiplier: Increased to 1.55x from 1.3x.

13. Groza

  • Recoil: Horizontal reduced, vertical increased.

14. Echo [BR only]

  • Damage Profile: Adjusted to 21-16-12-9 from 21-17-15-13.

15. M13 [BR only]

  • Range Profile: Extended to 22m-40m from 19m-40m.

Operator Skills/Scorestreaks: Strategic Revamps

1. Misdirection Device

  • Radius: Enhanced.

2. Tempest

  • Charge-Up: Removed before firing.
  • Energy Requirement: Decreased by 20%.

3. Swarm

  • Cost: Increased to 1280 from 1220.

4. Stealth Chopper

  • Cost: Raised to 1080 from 1000.

5. Cluster Strike

  • Duration: Shortened to 7 seconds from 8 seconds.

Perks: Tactical Edge Amplified

1. Recon

  • Radius: Enlarged.

2. Tactical Mask

  • Tactical Duration Reduction: Now 70%, up from 60%.

The Lunar Dragon Beckons: COD: Mobile’s Season 2 Revamp

These finely-tuned adjustments are designed to bring a more balanced and dynamic gaming experience to COD: Mobile Season 2. They encourage players to explore innovative strategies and refine their playstyles. Whether you’re a sharpshooter, an aggressive rusher, or a cunning tactician.