Optimizing CoD: Mobile Season 11 Arsenal – The Dominating Primary Weapons

Optimizing CoD: Mobile Season 11 Arsenal – The Dominating Primary Weapons

11. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

1. The Reign of HVK-30: A New King Emerges

HVK 30 CoD Mobile

The HVK-30 now stands at the pinnacle of CoD: Mobile Season 11’s weapon hierarchy. Its ascendancy is attributed to updates from Seasons 6 and 8, which boosted its base damage, bullet impact, and the capacity of its Large Caliber Ammo.

This assault rifle excels in mid to long-range combat with moderate fire rate and becomes lethally efficient with its special magazine, ensuring a headshot with just two bullets.

2. Grau 5.56: Consistently Versatile

Grau 5.56 CoD Mobile

Despite the recent nerf in range, the Grau 5.56 maintains its status as a versatile and potent weapon. It’s characterized by high fire rate, significant damage, and minimal recoil. Optimal performance is achieved by carefully selecting the iron sight barrel and magazine for sustained fire in battles.

3. Switchblade X9: Submachine Gun Excellence

Switchblade X9 CoD Mobile

The Switchblade X9 remains a top choice in the submachine gun category, known for its low recoil, high rate of fire, precision, and effective damage at close to medium range. It boasts a large magazine capacity, ideal for rapid enemy engagement, while offering mobility that often surpasses its counterparts.

4. CX-9: A Comfort Choice

CX 9 CoD Mobile

Emerging as a comfortable and competitive option among submachine guns, the CX-9 received enhancements in range, damage, chest multiplier, hip-fire accuracy, and bullet speed in Season 10.

It’s favored for aggressive strategies, offering solid lethality and mobility at close ranges, though it requires control over its recoil due to its extreme rate of fire.

5. M13: The Resurgence

M13 CoD Mobile 1

Revitalized in Season 11 with increased bullet speed and reload time, the M13 has made a comeback. Competing with AK117 and FFAR 1, it vies for the fastest kills at close range. The recommended .300 RTC magazines enhance its range and silence effect without significant drawbacks, maintaining its damage prowess through an impressive rate of fire.