Mastering Sniping in COD Mobile Season 11: Top Picks and Loadouts

Mastering Sniping in COD Mobile Season 11: Top Picks and Loadouts

10. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Sniping in Call of Duty: Mobile (COD Mobile) is an art that requires precision, skill, and the right equipment. As the game evolves with each season, choosing the best sniper rifle becomes crucial for dominating the battlefield. Let’s dive into the top snipers of COD Mobile Season 11 and their optimal loadouts.

1. DL Q33: The Undisputed Leader


  • Performance: Known for its consistency over four years, the DL Q33 offers a 369 milliseconds ADS time, making it highly versatile.
  • Ideal For: Perfect for strategic play in modes like Search and Destroy (SND) due to its FMJ capability for material penetration.

Recommended Builds:

  • Basic Build: No laser, equipped with a suppressor – an SND essential.
  • Fastest ADS Speed Build: Omit the mag and add a suppressor for rapid aiming.

2. Locus and Koshka: The Dynamic Duo

CoD Mobile Koshka estadisticas 750x450 1

  • Locus: Offers exceptional stopping power, slightly slower at 381 milliseconds ADS time.
  • Koshka: Balances between speed and power, combining the best aspects of DL Q33 and Outlaw.

Recommended Builds:

  • Locus: Stopping power mag is essential for peak performance.
  • Koshka: Fast aim laser is recommended for enhanced accuracy.

3. Outlaw: Precision Required

  • Challenge: Demanding a 315 milliseconds ADS time, the Outlaw is perfect for players seeking a challenge in accuracy.
  • Gameplay Style: Ideal for fast-paced gameplay, though lacking in wall penetration.

4. HDR: The Tactical Choice

  • Key Features: Renowned for consistent one-shot kills within 45 meters, albeit with a slower 408 milliseconds ADS time.
  • Playstyle Suitability: Best suited for a strategic, patient approach with its low flinch and extended breath-holding ability.

5. MK2, SPR, and Kilo Bolt Action: Versatile Contenders

  • Variety: Each excels in different scenarios – SPR in versatility with scopes, MK2 and Kilo Bolt Action in performance without them.
  • Considerations: MK2’s reloading time could be a disadvantage compared to others.

Finding Your Sniper Style in COD Mobile

Your choice of sniper rifle in COD Mobile Season 11 should reflect your personal playstyle and skill level. Each sniper presents unique advantages and challenges, and mastering them requires practice and experimentation. Choose your weapon wisely and refine your sniping skills to dominate the game.