CDL Owners Advocate for Increased Sponsorship Revenue Amid Lawsuit Against Activision

CDL Owners Advocate for Increased Sponsorship Revenue Amid Lawsuit Against Activision

2. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In the wake of a lawsuit filed against Activision regarding its management of competitive Call of Duty, owners of teams in the Call of Duty League (CDL) have initiated discussions with the gaming giant to enhance revenue sharing for sponsors.

This article delves into the recent developments surrounding the lawsuit and the CDL owners’ pursuit of greater financial returns from sponsorship deals.

Lawsuit Allegations and Background:

  • Introduction: OpTic Gaming president Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez and Call of Duty legend Seth “Scump” Abner filed a lawsuit against Activision, citing concerns over monopolistic practices and seeking damages amounting to $680 million.
  • Key Details: The lawsuit alleges that Activision monopolized professional Call of Duty by withholding licenses from other commercial competition organizers and operators, thereby compelling teams to join the CDL under Activision’s terms.
  • Impact: CDL team owners contend that this restrictive environment affects their ability to secure sponsorships independently and hampers their revenue potential.

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CDL Owners’ Demands for Increased Revenue Share:

  • Introduction: In closed-door meetings with Activision, CDL team owners have voiced their desire for a larger share of revenue generated from sponsorship deals.
  • Key Details: Owners are particularly concerned about Activision retaining sponsorships for certain products, such as drinks and console platforms, which limits their ability to secure lucrative deals.
  • Impact: CDL owners are advocating for a greater portion of their teams’ virtual merchandise sales and fewer constraints on sponsorship opportunities to maximize revenue streams.

Merchandise Sales and Sponsorship Restrictions:

  • Introduction: The discussions encompass various revenue streams, including micro-transaction revenue from CDL team packs sold in the MW3 cosmetic store.
  • Key Details: Owners seek more transparency and flexibility in merchandise sales, aiming to capitalize on the popularity of CDL team merchandise.
  • Impact: By addressing sponsorship restrictions and merchandise sales, CDL owners aim to strengthen their financial standing and autonomy within the competitive Call of Duty ecosystem.

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Negotiations and Future Outlook:

  • Introduction: While negotiations between CDL owners and Activision are ongoing, the outcome remains uncertain.
  • Key Details: CDL insiders suggest that these discussions predate the lawsuit and are driven by owners’ long-standing concerns regarding revenue sharing.
  • Impact: The resolution of these negotiations could significantly impact the financial landscape of the CDL and its member teams, shaping their future operations and competitiveness.


The ongoing negotiations between CDL owners and Activision underscore the evolving dynamics within the competitive Call of Duty landscape.

As the fallout from the lawsuit continues, the push for a more favorable revenue share agreement reflects the owners’ determination to secure enhanced financial prospects and navigate the evolving sponsorship landscape in professional gaming.

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