CoD: Launching of the new Warzone Modern Warfare 3

CoD: Launching of the new Warzone Modern Warfare 3

4. August 2023 by miranda angeles

The arrival of the new Warzone Modern Warfare 3 has the CoD community very anxious, and the game universe may never be the same again. The end of summer is finally approaching, which means only one thing, the release of the new title in the CoD saga.

As usual, CoD developers release a new saga title every autumn, and this 2023 is keeping the pattern. Although we are already in August, Activision has not yet revealed details of this new upcoming game. However, we will finally know official information quickly, thanks to the in-game event in Warzone.

Leaks of the new title of the CoD saga

Now, all the information we know about the new CoD title is thanks to leaks. According to the information revealed by Monster Energy, we could see a logo that indicates that the new game could be Modern Warfare 3. The new game would be the direct sequel to MW2 from 2022. So, we expect Captain Price and his friends to arrive in a revamped game version very soon.

Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Event

According to the information revealed by the leakers, the game developers are planning to hold a MW3 reveal event on August 17. Moreover, they have reported that the event will be named “Shadow Siege.” All this information revealed by the leakers has been found in the Season 5 update data.

The image posted by the leakers, HeyImAlaix and charlieINTEL reads as follows:

“Don’t miss the worldwide reveal of Modern Warfare III, August 17 at Warzone.”

On the other hand, leakers continue to do their work and have found information that is apparently about MW3. These leakers have revealed a terrain for Warzone, which resembles Verdansk. In addition, they have revealed the return of one of the game’s most controversial mechanics, namely the slip cancellation.

Other details of the MW3 reveal event

At the moment, the “Shadow Siege” event remains a complete mystery on Activision’s part. However, considering previous Warzone events that have been used to reveal other titles, this event could be to reveal the new game.

While leakers have yet to release information from the event, Activision previously stated the following regarding the event:

“Log into Call of Duty: Warzone to experience the Call of Duty 2023 world premiere in a limited-time event. If you want to learn more about the impending reveal, stay tuned to the Call of Duty channels.”

So it is likely that, at this event, players will unite to fight against Konni’s force, and at the end, they will show a trailer with the MW3 presentation. However, it is important to note that this is only speculation.

The possible release date for Modern Warfare 3

Although details of the new game and whether it will be presented at the Warzone event are still unknown, leakers assume that the launch of this game will be approximately on November 10.

On the other hand, the leakers have also revealed that the game will have two beta weekends during October. The first beta will be for PlayStation from October 6 to 10, while the other platforms will have the beta from October 12 to 16.