CoD: Game fan turns New York City into a Warzone map

CoD: Game fan turns New York City into a Warzone map

11. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Undoubtedly, the creativity of CoD fans does not stop expanding. Recently a player has created a Warzone map in New York City. This new map has managed to steal the attention of thousands of players.

New York City turned into a Warzone map

Frequently, CoD Warzone players come up with new concepts and ideas for new game content. However, few ideas have gotten as much attention as a map in New York.

It is important to note that, although it is just an idea, it has hinted that it could become something more, and the gaming community dreams of it becoming a reality. However, the chances of this map coming to the game are very slim.

On August 9, a CoD player and Reddit user shared his ideas on this social network. In the publication, this user shows an image of the map of New York, and we can see some important places in the city. Among them are Central Park, Chinatown, Lower West, Midtown, and some of the city’s most prominent and busy neighborhoods.

The idea of being able to enter these real-world locations while enjoying a game of CoD could give a fantastic twist to this popular video game. Also, if more verticality is added to the game, many series fans would be thrilled. Many would love a mix of shooting and skyscrapers inside one of the world’s metropolises.

What if: Manhattan was a warzone map
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It is important to note that it would not be the first appearance of New York in the franchise. Recall that 2011’s Modern Warfare multiplayer was set outside of Wall Street, plus it featured Manhattan for the Black Mars Campaign task.

Inclusion of real locations in CoD

If the CoD development team wanted to develop a war map in a city like New York, they would have the necessary expertise. However, including real locations in the game may prove problematic for Activision. Remember that Activision could get into a legal conflict after including the Breenbergh Hotel in the most recent installment. On the other hand, Manhattan has already served as a setting in other video games, such as Tom Clancy’s: The Division, and they knew how to handle it quite well.

CoD in New York?

After the user published the Warzone map on Reddit, the comments were not long in coming. On the one hand, some dream of it becoming a reality; on the other hand, those worried about the details of what this map would imply regarding gameplay.

One user has commented that this map would be practically unplayable due to how massive it could be. If the developers wanted to develop this map, they could reduce the size of the city to create adequate space for battles.

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