CoD: Details of the remastered MW2 maps to appear in MW3

CoD: Details of the remastered MW2 maps to appear in MW3

14. September 2023 by miranda angeles

Call of Duty developers have shown how the remastered MW2 maps appearing in MW3 will look for the first time. Undoubtedly, ever since it was reported that the new Call of Duty game would include all the original MW2 maps but in a remastered version, fans were eager to get a glimpse of them.

Details of remastered MW2 maps appearing in MW3

Yesterday, Activision released some details of what we can see in the franchise’s new game. The classic maps thousands of players have kept in their memories for years will appear in MW3. However, it is important to note that these maps have received a facelift.

In the details revealed by Activision, we can see how the updated maps have undergone many improvements. The game developers have explained how they managed to maintain the familiarity of the old maps and, at the same time, update them so that they fit perfectly in the new game.

In the analysis published by Activision, design director Zach Hodson revealed that thousands of questions arose during the development process. Some of the doubts were, “What was so good about the movements in the previous versions?” Also, they wondered, “What was so good about the shooting in the previous games?”

On the other hand, Hodson comments that after analyzing and answering the doubts, the development team tried to capture the essence the player base loved.

Map Changes

According to the information revealed by the developers, the most significant changes to the classic MW2 maps will be for visual fidelity and clarity. Of course, the lighting has been significantly improved, the colors of some buildings have been changed, and some areas have been covered with different materials. The goal of each of these changes is to improve player visibility.

But that’s not all the changes that have been made. The developers have added some components that reflect the differences in movement between the original game and the new version. Players can find new ledges for cover among these new components. In addition, there will be some additional areas where you can swim and others where you can experience much more dynamic shootouts.

Activision’s new installment should be an impressive tribute to one of the best Call of Duty games in the franchise’s history. Gamers who love the classic game can feel right at home again.

New MW3 details

On the other hand, the developers have commented that the game will have six multiplayer maps where players will face 6v6 during the first two seasons. It is important to note that these maps will be completely new. With these new details, both new and old players will be able to live new experiences. But that’s not all. There will also be a War Mode, where soldiers play in large teams.