CoD: David Vonderhaar says goodbye to Treyarch to start a new project

CoD: David Vonderhaar says goodbye to Treyarch to start a new project

19. August 2023 by miranda angeles

News has recently been released that brings to an end a great era. Treyarch’s legendary Call of Duty developer, David Vonderhaar, is saying goodbye to the company. According to the information revealed, the developer has been locked into an undisclosed project.

David Vonderhaar says goodbye to Treyarch

David Vonderhaar has been in charge of announcing the news that he will no longer be working at Treyarch. This information was revealed through a LinkedIn post. For those who don’t know David Vonderhaar, he is one of the developers responsible for some of the best experiences and moments of the CoD franchise.

Since 2004, David Vonderhaar has been the studio design director at Treyarch, but that’s not all. Since then, he has played a prominent role in the Black Ops series. This developer made his mark throughout the entire series, from the original game to Black Ops 4.

David Vonderhaar’s Farewell Statement

In David Vonderhaar’s farewell statement, the developer thanked the CoD community for their devotion and enthusiasm over the years.

“That enthusiasm has often strengthened our group and individual resolve. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to communicate directly with many of you, both online and in person. This strength will always be a vital component of who I am.”

Without a doubt, Vonderhaar is a dedicated developer who likes to hear feedback from players up close. That’s why he was often seen at CoD tournaments, meeting and talking with professional athletes.

For Vonderhaar, it was of vital importance to know the players’ opinions. On the other hand, the developer has commented that being part of the franchise for 18 years has been incredible. This work experience has brought him great joy.

In turn, Vonderhaar has expressed gratitude to each of his co-workers who accompanied him throughout the years at Treyarch. The developer said that the entire team was perfecting the details of the game, creating new things to bring great news to the players.

It is important to note that although David Vonderhaar has left the Activision franchise to work on a project without details, he is still an employee. On the other hand, Vonderhaar commented that he is excited about this great opportunity. On the other hand, he has commented that he will reveal details of his new project to his followers as soon as possible.

As for Treyarch, it will be in charge of developing the zombie mode for Modern Warfare 3. After that, the developer will likely take back the development reins for the franchise’s 2024 title, which may be connected to Black Ops.