CoD: Activision Announces the Return of Zombies in MW3

CoD: Activision Announces the Return of Zombies in MW3

17. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, Activision announced that zombies will return in Modern Warfare 3, the next franchise installment. So, all CoD fans, grab your guns and start eliminating these enemies.

The developers of Call of Duty have used the “Unknown Caller” to inform the entire community of players that they will soon have to face the zombies. This information arrived after some months when the return of zombies to CoD was rumored.

Activision announces the return of zombies to MW3

Some time ago, within the CoD community, it was speculated that the zombie fashion imposed in CoD: World at War 2008 in Outbreak mode, created by Treyarch, would return for the new franchise installment. However, it was not until yesterday, August 16, that Activision confirmed these rumors.

Recall that the open-world Outbreak mode first appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Since the release of that game, there have been several variants of zombies, and we could have the most recent version of zombies in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Now, with the return of zombies in MW3, we may experience both classic and Outbreak modes with zombies for rounds.

Confirmation of the return of zombies in MW3

Undoubtedly, the marketing strategy used by Activision for the launch of MW3 has all the fans attentive to each novelty. The most recent news was confirmed by an SMS text message from the phone line “Unknown Caller.”

Recall that Activision has activated this phone line to keep all its fans up to date with every bit of news revealed by the developer about MW3. Thanks to Unknown Caller, we have been able to know that zombies will be part of CoD again.

For its part, Activision has not yet made a formal statement about the arrival of zombies in MW3. But the revelation of this information by text message has created a great expectation among all the game fans. This new information has generated the same buzz as the information revealed a few days ago about the return of the MW2 maps from 2009.

Zombies in MW3

All fans who send the word “Zombies” to the phone number assigned by Activision will receive a link to a sound file .way. In this link, the zombies in the game are screeching and moaning.

At the moment, it has not been confirmed whether Treyarch is in charge of developing this game mode. However, it is likely to do it since it is one of the masters of zombies.

Right now, no member of Activision has come out to confirm the appearance of zombies in the game, but the text messages are a great confirmation. For now, we must continue to wait for Activision to reveal new details about MW3.