Coca-Cola Ultimate inspired by League of Legends

Coca-Cola Ultimate inspired by League of Legends

7. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Inspired by one of the most popular video games, Coca-Cola Ultimate has finally gone on sale. With this new drink, everyone will be able to know what is the flavor of League of Legends.

Perhaps some people have asked themselves what the flavor of an object is, but this time, Coca-Cola has asked itself what is the flavor of a video game. Apparently, they have found the answer to that question and have made a soda with the flavor of League of Legends.

A few months ago, soda leakers hinted on their Twitter account “Soda Seekers” that Coke Ultimate would be coming to market. However, it was only a rumor, which has now been confirmed thanks to an article published by The Verge.

Currently, the new Coca-Cola Ultimate is already on sale and will be available until July 18. So if you want to know the flavor of LoL, it is time to try it.

Coca-Cola Ultimate inspired by League of Legends

Riot Games and Coca-Cola have joined forces to launch the new LoL-flavored soda. The two companies claim that the new Coca-Cola has the flavor of experience points.

With this collaboration between the two companies, LoL players who purchase the new soda can earn themed rewards after completing missions within LoL.

Different flavors of Coca-Cola soft drinks

Coca-Cola’s latest flavor creation is the Ultimate Zero Sugar. This new drink belongs to experimental soda, which usually doesn’t taste that nice. Many people think that these experimental soft drinks are some production mistakes.

Over the years, Cola-Cola has launched many experimental sodas, such as the Dreamworld soda, which had a pineapple flavor and was supposed to be the flavor of pop musician Marshmello. Another time they also launched the Starlight soda, which had a graham cracker flavor.

The new flavor that Coca-Cola has launched is called “+XP flavored,” which incorporates elements of The Rift and LoL. Remember that this is not the first collaboration between Riot Games and Coca-Cola. Since 2014 both companies have been working hand in hand in sponsorship agreements for esports.

As mentioned, with this new Coca-Cola LoL, players who buy the drink can get in-game rewards.

Coca-Cola Ultimate rewards in LoL

Players can obtain items within LoL by fulfilling themed rewards thanks to the new Coca-Cola soda.

  • Receive the Ultimate Teamplay emote after recording seven assists in a single match.
  • Unlock the Ultimate Gains emote after collecting 12,000 gold coins in a match.
  • You must win a game in less than 20 minutes to unlock the Ultimate Tempo emote.